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Thank you very much for playing! Do not forget to give it 5 stars if you liked it, the race is a very fun section and I will undoubtedly extend it in Super awesome Princess in addition to adding more locations.
The last level is somewhat difficult but before launch it was hell and before that it was very easy, it is the game that gives the most points and takes the most points if the pig kills you so it is a risk worth taking.

Thank you very much if you liked it, do not forget to give it 5 stars <3

It is very easy to make mistakes with the last race so it does not take points away (unless the pig kills you) I have lost a few times but it is possible once you pass the double cliff

Thank you very much! :D

I think the character only needs

a death animation but after that it is very good as soon as i receive some payments I will not hesitate to support this asset pack <3

can I modify the character?
or what is the license of it?
I know I have to give you credit for its creation which is never a problem, you did a great job <3.
She is very cool and I think I want to add her to my character line for a game that I am preparing.
But I would like to know if it can be modified.

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thanks   :D
I will also buy this pack but paypal is giving me a problem with my money because I have not used it in a long time, I could buy pack one but i couldn't buy this one. as soon as it is resolved you will have my support

Keep up the great work and I hope to see what you have planned for the future
good luck in your work <3

oh man... her name is Twiggy ....

 All this time I've been calling her Tweegly xD and i thought it was a robot

hey  GrafxKid  can I mention you on Twitter?

I've been working on my projects for a short time but sometimes I upload some gifs showing progress towards the game or sometimes only gifs with the game's protagonists, and two of them were created by you, I've been tempted to mention you but since I'm very new to twitter, I don't know if this annoy you.

Finally, the first time I saw you was years ago in Opengame art, I downloaded the princess sprite and started to modify it and think of a game to use it but finally I discarded my dreams of making a game, but years later I returned and decided to start to use that sprite again and I can't see my life without it, you did a great job man <3 after searching a lot in OGA I couldn't find you again until out of nowhere and looking for sprites I found you out of sheer luck  .

for now you can try the princess games in these links
1.-https: //
2.-https: //

You can see the difference in the sprites because in the first one I used the old sprite which was missing frames but managed to get it right, in Awesome party it is this same sprite that you left here. <3 and another little character that you also created.

I just started but believe me, I will take care of this project and soon I will be here at and everywhere.

 Thank you, I wish you the best, have a great year <3

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Hi! :D   first of all, thanks for creating this peculiar character
I like the character, I plan to use it as an unlockable character quite OP and fun to play  Despite not being a main character, she plays a very main role by being the third character to join. You did a great job  <3  thank you for leaving the download open and let me  check the character and use it, I fell in love with it, thank you for sharing it, Her appearance contrasts too much with the rest of the characters and that makes her very authentic. for now she has only made a small appearance in the next game

But everything is being prepared for her big debut <3 

One last thing, can I mention you on twitter? for now I am starting.

So I don't have much diffusion but sometimes I put gifs where I show characters and I could mention you in them when the little witch appears.

Have a great day I wish you the best .

Thank you for this nice character

I have no problem paying a dollar or two for each of these courses, I don't have much man (at the moment)
but I really like construct 3, I have done good things with it and I want to help the community as much as I can. 

Thank you and keep up the great work!   :D
to people like me who are starting everything is very good
It never occurred to me to use a function to kill the character 

very beautiful  :D
I enjoy more working with this theme