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This game is everything I expected and more. The first time going through the mirror made me smile like a fool. Animation, sounds, the music, it's just... perfect. It took some time to get used to the controls and I find myself liking the 90° setting best (with cursor keys). Somehow the years of training in Knight Lore and Alien 8 didn't translate here - or I'm just too old. Still, no complaints. The C64 palette is very nice and I can't decide which one I prefer. Great job and thank you!

Thanks, lovely to hear more positive feedback. It's quite different from Knight Lore and Alien 8, more running, less jumping :o)

Well, I did try to jump on the tables to pick items :/


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A rare treat (parden the pun), no question about it!. For a change, its made 2020 memorable for a positive reason. So looking forward to its final release, and my Spectrum Next waits patiently to process what it was designed to, and fulfill its purpose :)

Haha, now I feel like I've saved 2020!! :o