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Damn, that was good! A lot more to it than I expected, great atmosphere, was quite anxious especially during ending four. Can ya tell I just finished it?

I enjoyed this too, Nice work!

that worked!

ahh, very good, will give ccs64 a go :P

is it meant to work on Vice as well? I can't get it to load. It seems to be loading ok, but then the screen goes black and sits there.

nothing that i noticed yet. will let you know if i come across anything

wow, awesome, massive improvements over the previous version. really polished now!

looks glorious

Well I enjoyed that! Nice work.

cool! Looking forward to the full game release. This is a gem.

it is possible right? To get that 49th point and start the car?

I have achieved 48 out of a possible 49 points, just need to get those leads and put them in the right place.

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Playing this on the PC. Noice! looking forward to seeing this develop. Will it allow for inverting the Y Axis in the future (with Mouse as well)

hehe, I love how you use the word "probably" ;P

Nice, I've beaten the absolute cr@p out of Ken, but he won't drop lol! Nice Job! Feels like arcade quality

can i request..... just kidding!! mwwuuwhahaha 

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This is awesome, and i see its been released on steam.

I've started working through the tutorial :)

Will let you know if I come up with anything :)

cool, sussed it now. Thanks!

I too cannot get the mod to import. There is only an option to import "level" not import "track". When selecting import level, there is no JH1 or JH3 listed. In the Game folder I can see the file JH.bin & JH2.bin. There is no JH1 or JH3, obviously I'm mossing something (no doubt something simple)

this is awesome, still playing through it though. Love the atmosphere and the transition effects in the mansion as well, and the way the narrative unfolds.

Not really sure how to describe it, but the road behaves differently on the next stage exits. It doesn't steer correctly. The gear modes are a nice touch. I only drive auto though (coz I'm lazy).

I can see that the game remembers the settings now (defined keys & screen resolution etc). Nice

This is improving with each release, and is turning into a nice remake. There is only one really serious issue that really needs attention, and that's the transition turnoffs between levels. That said, I find myself looking forward to each release and seeing it take shape. This game after all is my favourite arcade game of all time, so I watch with interest. Keep up the good work

I sense an internal desire to request adding that banana eats factor and have a player randomly becomes the Monster each round!!!!! 


Yes this is great, smooth and slick, and the pixel work is authentic and polished. Its a great POC. I love the added keys and doors element as well.

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This is excellent, very slick. I have detected a bug however. On the level with the 8 squares each with a single firefly and a single diamond. After completing the level and entering the exit, the Fireflies can still kill you while waiting for the bonus to countdown. If this happens you lose a life and have to redo the level. Sprite collision should  be turned off once the gate is entered!

i love the feature after the completion of each Simulation

Can the settings be saved?

Can this be developed further to include all episodes and levels, and it unlocks them if the user can supply the original files?

Much improved, quite a smooth driving experience, the car handles well and has good control through the corners. This is coming along nicely. I think its time to implement the low & high gear. This is how the home computer versions of the 80s should have been especially the Amiga & Atari ST Versions.

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A rare treat (parden the pun), no question about it!. For a change, its made 2020 memorable for a positive reason. So looking forward to its final release, and my Spectrum Next waits patiently to process what it was designed to, and fulfill its purpose :)

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Well, what can I say? Beautifully authentic, packed full of effects and surprises. A Masterpiece. Kudos to Rare for allowing this project to go ahead. This will become a treasure to the legacy of ACG, Ultimate Play the Game and Sinclar. This is a masterpiece. Dare I say it!!! The best Isometric Game ever. Slick, & Polished, fast paced and beautiful sprites and scenery, such attention to details as well. This is absolutley the greatest Crash Smash ever! Best Retro Remake Ever too.

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This is soooooooooooooo good. Love the improved graphic and audio effects, and the extra elements such as smart bombs, limited air, collecting the letters. The ship lift off and landing, and the changing platform positions. All very slick. So much better than the original, breathes a whole new lease of life into the game. Skillful use of the colour pallet also. Ultimate Play the Game would be Prou..... no Jealous! lol

A promising start, but needs work. Most notably the course selection at the end of each section. Also the ripped car sprites need to be reworked to be of equal resolution to the scenery. This could be come quite polished and I like the new levels. The car handles well and the acceleration and braking  are smooth. The game sometimes freezes for 5 to 10 seconds while driving. 3 out of 5. I would consider this 3rd best or the outruns (Arcade / Mame being number 1, sega Mega drive version being 2, and this being 3. Its fair to say, that it is better than the Amiga and Atari ST versions.

any chance of saving the settings in a configuration