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if I buy it here, does it come with a Steam Key as well?

Can't download v0.2.8 It says its deleted!

There is something familiar about this... it must be the asset pack. There is another game called Antique, which has the same layout. Must be part of the standard Unreal Assets. I love the style though. Reminds me of the Tex Murphy style of adventure games

does this require the latest firmware 22.10?

This is really good, wanted to keep playing. very morish!

Sweet, this is working great now!

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i'm also having this problem. it is unplayably fast. Exactly as in Jason's video

was this some kind of premonition you had? 

Wow the PTSD is intense, takes me painfully back to my Supermarket days!

Thats fixed it, thanks!

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mouse look isn't working for me. i can only strafe left and right in v1.05. WASD work, but I can;t look left or right or up and down. Mouse only works in the menu. Am i missing something here?

and beach head lol. Looks like its got a bit of homage to other games :)

Awesome, another quality masterpiece. Wonderful to finally see this one remade as well

Well this does complicate things lol 


thank goodness for the rescue choppa at the end :P

Sweet! Can you also put "The mummy 1932" back up. Would love to have a look at this one too

yes me too

Well, I enjoyed this a lot, its very good. Has that weeping angels feel to it. A Tardis tucked in the corner would make a lovely touch lol

Sweet, it feels complete now. Always wanted to see a remake of this. Nice job, has a great look and feel, authentic helicopter mechanics as well.

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any plans to add civilians to be rescued, and aircraft hazards as well?

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Damn, that was good! A lot more to it than I expected, great atmosphere, was quite anxious especially during ending four. Can ya tell I just finished it?

I enjoyed this too, Nice work!

that worked!

ahh, very good, will give ccs64 a go :P

is it meant to work on Vice as well? I can't get it to load. It seems to be loading ok, but then the screen goes black and sits there.

nothing that i noticed yet. will let you know if i come across anything

wow, awesome, massive improvements over the previous version. really polished now!

looks glorious

Well I enjoyed that! Nice work.

cool! Looking forward to the full game release. This is a gem.

it is possible right? To get that 49th point and start the car?

I have achieved 48 out of a possible 49 points, just need to get those leads and put them in the right place.

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Playing this on the PC. Noice! looking forward to seeing this develop. Will it allow for inverting the Y Axis in the future (with Mouse as well)

hehe, I love how you use the word "probably" ;P

Nice, I've beaten the absolute cr@p out of Ken, but he won't drop lol! Nice Job! Feels like arcade quality

I've started working through the tutorial :)

Will let you know if I come up with anything :)