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A really unique and stunning game depicting south Slavic mythology and folklore, whilst not being familiar with these myths, it was interesting to learn all about them and explore the dark and twisted world.

The game has wonderful level designs with detailed environments that pull you into the universe , the further you go the creepier and the darker things seem to become.

The sound track matches the game really well with very sombre and desolate tones that help contribute to the immersive experience.

There was one point where a glitch/bug happened where if you accidentally read the stone while attacking the demons you become unable to move and the demons just stand there (around 8 min. 45 sec. into the video) but this was quickly rectified by restarting the level, so a very minor issue.

Overall a really great experience and certainly a very unique game in its genre, it is certainly a very interesting playthrough and thoroughly enjoyable.


Thank you very much, you're very kind! And a BIG thank you for reading the lore and for letting us know about the bug, this is why game testing is so important! We're currently working on an update which will (hopefully) fix some bugs, game optimisation, and it will add more to the game.  :) 
Thank you! We worked really hard on the atmosphere and sounds played a big part in that :) We don't really have an OST, we bought some music from purpleplanet and motionarray, and some we made by layering tracks and editing them :)
We also appreciate the custom thumbnail you made for YouTube! :)
A big hug from BritSlav Games! :)