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A short but absolutely amazing horror experience where the ever present endo skeleton looms over you , the game is simply beautiful and the puzzles although simple are made much more difficult when you are under pressure from the monster that is constantly breathing down your neck !

There are not many horror games out there that can make me jump but this one certainly caught me off guard , should this ever be a full game/ story this would be a really strong contender in the horror space, very nicely done it is always surprising what creators do with the inspiration they get from other known titles, a really great concept.

A wonderfully short concept where you are in lockdown with your questionable parents.... it all starts off fairly calm but as days go by you soon realise your parents are not as loving and caring as you once thought!
 The game itself is visually appealing and there is a good sense of realism , all in all a great short experience and worth a play.

Did you play it in the end ? If not just wait until you  do ! lol

A fun and enjoyable short game that definitely catches you off guard.

 The graphics is set in an early PSX style but this does not subtract from the horror experience, the atmospherics are nicely executed and build up fantastically and it really feels like being in a horror movie as you try to escape.

Overall a very nicely done game that will give you a shock despite the lack of playtime , it will be interesting to see how the creator moves on and possibly makes other horror titles with even creepier and scarier experiences.

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This was a really fun and interesting demo that felt very close to the games "Brisk Square" and "Pistol Whip"

 The game was very enjoyable and the voxel like aesthetics were a great touch too , it will be cool in the future if there were more customisation offers on the lightsaber and glove (i assumed it was a glove i could be wrong) maybe even being able to use the force to punch through enemies, pick them up or even have the glove sprout claws to slice the enemies apart, maybe the points can be used that you earn for cosmetics to incentivise replayability.

 There is also of course other things that can be added that may help newer players find the rhythm (similar to Pistol Whip) where the map pulses to the beat of the music and also adding in a health bar where you have to cut so many enemies to get your health back.

 The game has a lot of potential to be something quite unique in the market and would fit nicely with the rhythm genre that is already out there, i only wish the demo was a little longer and had another song to try out but overall it was a great experience, there are not many creators making VR games at the moment so this is refreshing to see as it won't be long before VR is a normal thing.

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Ok people of the internet where do we start with this game ? let's start with the main thing.... this game is INSANELY FUN and a real blast to play , the heat of the action starts right off the bat and before you have time to react , all hell breaks loose, it definitely leaves you scrambling to find something to defend yourself with !

The aesthetics of the game are nice and everything within the game itself is nicely detailed and there is not an area that feels sparse or void where an asset could bring the room to life.

The mechanics of the game are also fluid and easy (when you press the right keys of course)  and the gameplay feels very natural, even someone new to FPS would find this simple enough to pick up and play.

 During my run i came across two bugs and i'm not sure what caused them, one stopped me switching/firing guns and another one is where i got stuck on a wooden pallet and had to try and force my way out of it.

 As mentioned in my video it would be nice in the future to maybe see a stealth mechanic where if you take out a zombie with the knives you do not aggro the surrounding zombies, on the opposite side if you use guns you draw more to you. 

 It will be very interesting to see the whole story in the game maybe with potential voice acting , why were they quarantined ? what caused them to be this way? is it due to war or some kind of sick human experimentation ? who are you ? how do you play in this? i guess we will know as this game develops.

 Overall for a game made by just one person this is honestly fantastic no amount of praise can justify it and it's definitely worth a play. I am so thankful that the Dev. brought this to my attention , my sincerest thank you for allowing me the honour to do a playthrough and give feedback for you. 

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A wonderful little game with multiple endings, you are a professional treasure hunter, where your main goal is to find a specific valuable relic in a haunted dungeon, but beware of the dangers that lurk within, rumours say that no one has made it out alive.

First thing to notice on the game is it is very aesthetically pleasing and very well detailed, it makes you feel like you are in a very old dungeon , the mechanics and lighting are great too, further adding to the submersion. There is also some great use of ambient noises to make you uneasy thinking something is coming around the corner for you , but does it ? you will have to see for yourself.

 Throughout the game there are hidden little secrets which contain more loot for you to obtain , they are in plain sight but surprisingly easy to miss, also in the game are some items that can lead you astray and lead to different endings which is a fantastic touch as it give the player more freedom of choice and play their game the way they choose and it also adds a nice layer of re-playability.

Overall a really great experience and definitely worth your time to play, maybe in the future there could maybe be some kind of combat mechanic or maybe a voice for the character going through their thoughts and feelings through the dungeon, maybe even some kind of sneak mechanic added when going past new monsters in the future should the game expand, these are of course just a few ideas and suggestions but the game as it is really is a fun playthrough.

Such a fun and creative based off the well known game "Among Us" 

 Here you find yourself scrambling around trying to find the milk but as you  a trying to ,this big buff brute tries to knock you into the next dimension and if you are hit you definitely know about it! 
 The randomly generated rooms are amazing and keep you on your toes as you do not really get to have an escape plan and have to wing it to try and escape the always sus red player.

 The game feels well polished and has re-playability and will keep you entertained for a while a really well done game over all, very enjoyable.

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A wonderfully neat , yet short little game where you are a player trying to find your way back to reality.

 The game itself looks to be starting out quite nicely where you have to find 6 mementos then escape, this could be set up into a brilliant story where the protagonist has had a concussion to the head and is now fighting to regain the memories lost while traversing reality and dreamscapes to come out of a coma.
 Games like this remind me of  "the backrooms game" where you go through a procedural maze trying to keep yourself sane by glancing at your watch every 30 seconds , but glancing too much made things worse, In fact the atmospheric hum of the lights and the way the lights played around reminded me of this exact game.

 In future updates maybe there will be more sounds/light effects to distract the player from their direction to make them think " did i come from here?" which would further immerse them into the games core of being liminal, maybe there could be rooms that change when you go in them (for example doors that unlocked are changed so the player cant go back) and maybe pictures that warp and distort ... or if the aim is to keep it minimal maybe a few effects that affect the players vision to further immerse them in, maybe even have the lantern go out every now and then and you need to find ways to light it.
 As mentioned by the creator it is all very "bare bones at the moment " but everything seems pretty good so far, when future updates come out and the game is a little longer id be happy to make a video on it and review it again.

Apologies for the lengthy review but i hope it helps in some shape or from.


A very short but fun game where you explore a rather dark and very sinister hotel.
The game itself is very aesthetically pleasing and the details seems so real as if you are actually there exploring the building yourself.

 There are some great horror elements including jump scares, prolonged silences ( which is very underrated nowadays) and atmospheric sounds along with great use of lighting.

 Unfortunately the game was not that scary for me as i recognise the "ghost model" and having played a tonne of Phasmophobia it was more of a nice to see you compared to a should i be afraid, however to those who have never seen "her" i can imagine would be pretty freaked out.
 Overall though a nicely polished game and a great experience.

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A wonderful little horror game set in psx style graphics where things start off quite ordinary but then takes a real turn into the world of creepy!

 The game although short is really fun to play and has quite the surprise ending , it is always great to see what ideas creators come up with!

 A fun and interesting little horror, portrayed in the mindset of a 12 year old where there are some great scary moments and a nice layer of uncertainty about what happens when the lights go out!

 There are multiple endings which really give the game a nice touch, it is always nice to give the player a choice in deciding their fates.

 The only thing that was confusing was finding food in every crack and crevice of the house , could it be a reference to something ? It certainly made the game have a nice touch of comedy ( whether that was intentional or not is yet to be decided)

 Overall a fun and enjoyable experience it is always nice to see what creativity and ideas creators come up with!

A really intriguing and interesting game with some great atmospherics and visual effects, i can not wait to see how the story evolves as there are so many theories you can fit into this and there is a lot open to interpretation, this game has potential to break the fourth wall too adding to the ominous overtone the game carries, a very nice and enjoyable playthrough.  

A really fun PSX styled horror with interesting visuals that get more sinister and darker as you make time progress and a soundtrack that when it stops .... you are left anticipating something quite horrific to come and get you ...until it loops back in.
 The voice acting is quite amusing and adds to the games entertainment value as well which is a very nice touch, whilst the game is not outright "scary" it is always nice to see new concepts and little horrors come to life with new and upcoming creators.
 Thank you for making such an interesting game it was very enjoyable. 

A short but interesting little horror game , with some very hilarious clunky physics that frustrate and entertain you at the same time.
 The setting and atmospherics are nice and give you the feeling of something sinister is in the background and as you progress through the game your suspicions become confirmed and you need to act fast or suffer the consequences.

 The first and second ending are a nice touch to the game , it is always great to see more than one ending to a game as it gives the game itself more dimension and more to play around with.

 The game itself is not what you would call "scary" but it definitely conveys a strange and creepy factor with a big helping of "what the hell?" 

overall a very interesting and unique game.

A fantastic little experience here where you expect more scares than there actually is, there is a great level of tension which keep you wary of your surroundings.

Graphically the game is very visually appealing the basement feels claustrophobic and eerie and the attention to detail is nicely executed too and it does feel quite similar to P.T.

The story has an intriguing end too and is left open to interpretation, for a short experience this was an enjoyable playthrough.


A very interesting and unique little horror game , there was a great reference to the camera obscura which felt very close to "project zero" / "fatal frame" taking pictures of the ghost and other evidences as you explore the house.

 The game is visually appealing and there are some nice atmospherics which really add to the creepy factor, the physics were also a nice touch, which added some intractability in the game itself... although it was a little clunky in places.

Overall a great short experience , it would of been nice to have a little more literature on the events that took place ( like perhaps what the doctor was investigating or what the patient told him before this happened ) aside from that an enjoyable experience.


An interesting game that starts off very dramatic as you are forced to jettison out to space watching your home world crumble behind you, what causes it is a complete mystery that will later be unravelled.

Graphically the game is simply stunning and highly polished and there are some really nice cinematics that leave you with awe and amazement.

The soundtracks convey powerful emotions of desperation, hope, wonder and the sense of friendships that really seem to immerse you into the game and the story as you try to survive on this new world hoping to locate your kind.

The gameplay is nice and smooth and feels intuitive and it is nice to see that you have powers to interact with the world around you not only just for the puzzles that you come across along the way.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable playthrough and a wonderful experience that leaves you wanting more and keen to know how the rest of the story unfolds.

Yet another great short horror game from this creator, having played Trapt and Not All There , this game also has a great creepy and terrifying atmosphere and certainly delivers on the scare.

 It will be interesting to see where this creator goes next in the field of horror games , it was another fun playthrough.

A very strange, short and creepy low poly horror game with some interesting atmospherics and visual effects, disturbing imagery and a good handful of jumpscares thrown in.

It is always surprising what creators can do in just 20 hours and the game is a fun and enjoyable experience to play.

An interesting sci-fi game where your simple mission becomes fubar very quickly, you must try to evacuate before it's too late.

The games' art style is great, the cartoon like graphics really seem to suit the game and there is a great soundtrack too.

The game also has some very witty and immersive dialogue that is fun to read.

The game also has a very "Binding Of Isaac" feel due to the bullet hell element but adds a unique third person perspective in order to attack.

Overall the game is really fun and rather challenging , it is very unique indeed, it certainly makes a great playthrough.

A very short and fun experience where you go to find your car after a day of overtime, only to find out it's not there and there is some very strange stuff going on. 

Graphically this game is very pleasing with nice reflection details and the carpark does look like a horror scene with the blue tones and fog effects and creepy lighting.

The atmosphere is on point and does feel really eerie, there is a mix of good horror elements that keep you engaged in the game.

Overall a fun little experience, it was a shame it was short but it will be interesting to see what the creator comes up with in the future if a longer horror is made.


A story about  a character who seems to have recurring nightmares , and you as the player take your part and play the character in their nightmare.

 The game has a good aesthetic and is trying to go for a sense of realism and it does this job quite well with a beautiful apartment that is not bare or over furnished and creepy hospital with gurneys and old boxes scattered around. 

The soundtrack is great and adds to the creepy atmosphere and using other sounds for the jumpscares  instead of screams is a nice touch, it shows you do not need the typical sounds to make the player pay attention to the scare.

The character models in the nightmare are nicely done and are really creepy especially the way the "woman" walks towards you, i can imagine that would definitely scare someone who is not as desensitized to horrors.  

Overall an interesting experience and a fun little horror to play, it will be great to see what else this creator comes up with.


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Firstly, it is so nice to see when a game concept becomes reality and comes out fully fleshed , having played previous beta i was thrilled when DespawnGames reached out to me to review it once more.

 Honestly i am super impressed by the little things that changed such as the lighting , the changes in atmospheric sounds, increased detailing of the environments, the surprise jumpscares and also giving some of the monsters a cut scene to introduce them to the game.

 The first level itself felt the same with where certain items were ,  i was hoping they would be in random locations but this is not an issue as it brings some familiarity from the beta. One of the main things that got my attention right away is the atmosphere is on point and is very disturbing and terrifying! The monster on the second level really caught me off guard and straight away you feel the pressure and run in a flustered panic.

Overall this is an amazing game and is genuinely creepy, scary and above all fun to play! You will not be dissapointed!

A very short but beautifully styled relaxing puzzle game where you play a spirit that brings forth a warm and welcoming spring.

The first thing that hits you is the beautifully styled world  with the warm glowing light and hazy atmosphere it really draws you into the landscape. The second thing is the super relaxing music that goes with the game it gives off tones of calmness and also a feeling of casual exploration, a piece very well suited for this game.

The puzzles themselves are simple enough to do but can be hard to spot in the landscape (because everything is covered in snow ) but the map shows you where they are marked with a "?" if they are not yet discovered. When you solve the puzzles the world literally "springs" into life and is fascinating to watch and a really nice mechanic added to the game along with the way the stone paths open up too.

Overall a really nice, beautiful and wonderful relaxing experience, such a shame the game is short but despite that , there is an awful lot of work put into it, really nicely done.


A very interesting game that tests your mind to the limit , there are interesting stories if you pay attention while playing, suggesting that your mind can have fabricated memories and there are "real cases" proving this theory.

In this video there is only the first part of the adventure and a small taste of what is to come, so far this game is very interesting and very engaging, more parts will follow on my Youtube channel.

If you think you are coming into this game just unboxing a PS5 and just playing it ... you are severely wrong!

Throw logic out the window and forget how physics functions in this whacky ,crazy and very enjoyable game that will definitely make you both confused and laugh at the sheer stupidity at the same time.

The game is simple and easy to play , the narration gives you plenty of hints on what to do, it really is just a good, fun experience that is worth a play.

A bizarre game where you come home after a long day of work, you seem to be worried about strange creature sightings and want to check the radio for any news before you hit the sack and call it a night, but as the night progresses it seems your fears become reality.

 The game is fun to play with some odd and clunky interactions but considering the game is made in just 10 days this is only a minor issue, making games in such a short time period of time is always impressive. There is a good little scare thrown in that appears in a rather unexpected place.

Overall an enjoyable experience and a good, fun playthrough.


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A strange game with deep cult vibes laced throughout, there are a few quite grotesque horror moments put in the game which can freak out the players with weaker stomachs and also there are a few scares along the way.

Very interesting for a game that was made in such a short period of time, it will be interesting to see what the creator comes up with next.

Thanks , i will play the new version, when i make the videos, most are pre recorded so it was the "current version" at the time, a good game in any case, it will be interesting to see how this game develops or what other future titles come out.

A short but interesting horror game that feels very reminiscent of older horrors , the fog is a nice touch and adds to the paranoia the game gives off as things change around you making you question what you first saw. 

 The soundtracks in the game really add in to the ambience and help to convey the strange and bizarre place you find yourself in and there is great use of rain/static noises too.  

It would seem some of the images you see on the webpage are now absent from the game (or maybe they are on a different path) but they were not seen in the game during the playthrough.

Overall a good experience , there were some good horror elements thrown in which made for an interesting playthrough, it was enjoyable to play.

A very fun and entertaining game about a little ghost who loves his hat very much.

The game is packed full of  light hearted jokes that will make you chuckle and the cartoon art style makes you feel like you are playing part of an animated episode , there is also voice acting which is always a nice touch in games.

Overall the game is light and refreshing and really unique, games like this are no made very often, thoroughly enjoyable.


A poignant story of a Father on his deathbed trying to make peace before he meets his final moments.

The game is very visually stunning with challenging and engaging puzzles that will put you logic to the test. The soundtracks used in the game really make you feel like you are in a bizarre place and exploring the caverns of the fathers mind.

The only only suggestion that comes to mind is that there is no voices when you look at the photographs ( the photographs tell enough of the story as it is ) It would of been cool to hear the moment in time as well as see it maybe have a separate cutscene to really immerse you in the game, but again only a suggestion that would of been really neat to see.

Overall an interesting concept and a very unique game to playthrough, it will  be interesting to see if this game develops further or what this creator makes in the future.

A strange, creepy and spine tingling horror game where you fall down into the basement of the building, little did you know that there was something lurking in the darkness.

There is nice use of ambient sounds that really add to the confined cramped spaces of the basement and leaves you quite unsettled. The basement itself is nicely designed with rusty doors and dirty hallways, although sadly it felt a little bare boned and would of felt better if there were more things to look at or more news articles to read about "the one that lives in the basement" but this is only a minor detail.

The game itself is a great horror experience and is unique in its genre, it is a great playthrough.

After playing "Never Apart" , this game had to be played next as when it comes to horror this creator has the atmosphere down perfectly.

This game as mentioned above has a really great atmosphere, it is terrifying and makes you very uneasy, this brings tales of supernatural beings to life.

The level design is done really nicely , it really feels like you are right there in the asylum , it feels very dark and tense and cramped and as you travel further and further in... it only gets worse.

 The scares are really great and really nicely done ,especially the panic inducing conclusion.

There was only one minor flaw in the that game ,you could see some of the level design through the cell doors but only a very minor issue to what is a great playthrough.

Overall a fantastic little horror experience that must be played, you will definitely enjoy it .