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A wonderful game ,very unique and it was interesting to play, the worlds inside the structures look very thought out and are really great to look at, it would of been nice to be able to walk a little faster (or maybe a jet pack with limited boost) or perhaps a lower gravity so you were able to leap and bound around like you were on the moon adding to the alien planet vibe but this is only a suggestion. Overall it was a pleasant experience and its one you certainly remember.

This was a fun game to play , the doors would of been better with click controls instead of dragging it but only a minor issue. The abandoned area was good it was hard to tell what the place used to be though and i'm quite curious , it looked similar to maybe an old war camp perhaps.

 There was a minor issue again in the ending where the character is repeatedly dying , it might just be my playthrough that bugged out but it made for a unique ending to say the least.

All in all though a good game with it's very own take on a horror genre, it was fun and it would be interesting to see this develop.

A neat little game , it was creepy and fascinating even if it was a short game , it was fairly simple working out the monsters patterns and it did help having audio clues and making the keys jingle to help locate where they were.

The torch was not really necessary it was easy to navigate around without it , it may be better having the lighting down a fraction more ,other than that a great little game.


I recently featured this in my trio of itch games, it was unique and interesting, it would of been great if there were a few more interactables and maybe a few more lights could of been able to be activated, the creature chasing you definately has a scary feel to it and it is very creepy, the abandoned hospital is really well designed it would be great to see what other places the player is transported to in the next chapters, maybe in the next ones there can be shadow jumpscares or strange audios to make the player on edge.

All in all really nicely done.

This game had a great feel and build up ,especially when you see the dark hallway you are instantly filled with dread then the next series of events is just pure hilarity it was fun to play. I recently featured this in my trio of itch games.

As predicted this was genuinely scary, i got  a little lost which is good because it makes you use your fight or flight responses, when he appears it's creepy and terrifying and the laugh in your ears as he is chasing you , this game is an absolute thriller. I cant wait to see what else is in store for this game it certainly has left an impression! All your games are so unique and this one like the others stands out in it own unique way ๐Ÿ˜Š

A game with 3 endings including a secret one ( my video contains spoilers on that one as i got it first try i think),the game has interesting physics to be able to throw things around and a has pretty good concept when it comes to gameplay , for me however i felt the endings were very lack luster and especially for the bad end it would of been nice to see more horror thrown in.

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A wonderful game with rich voice acting,a great sound track and a brilliant art style. The game was an absolute pleasure to play one of the main annoyances with the game was the chain swing even if you are holding right it went left , could just be me but it made for a slightly annoying task.

 All in all a really good game with deep and meaningful story line , the game leaves you wanting to know more it will be interesting to see what other stories are told when the game is developed more.

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First apologies for me mis-identifying the language that is down to my pure ignorance and i realise now so i am very sorry.

This is a great little game involving killing viruses within a body, you seem like you play as an antibiotic as you launch 150MG of pure pain against viruses this made for a fun few minutes would be great if there was some high paced action music to go with it. The visuals are great and the gameplay is smooth too it was overall a pleasant experience.

A short but fun game to play, the map is a little dark making it difficult to navigate the terrain.A suggestion would be a little more focus on the story maybe adding in a narration so the player has more of a sense or reason for ascending higher as the text boards can be easily missed, a really unique game otherwise.

Hello, its NaughtyNelly again playing another one of your amazing games, as usual the visuals are simply stunning and the tension and fear levels build up nicely! I am not sure if i understood this all but,the message is amazing and powerful.

The dramatic shifts between the light and dark keep you on your toes, although it is "a walk along the path" style game it is another fantastic experience and a joy to play.

Yet another great game by Matt Reeves Productions, after playing two lines and watching his video for nemeses i saw two other games i have not played by this creator.

I am again taken back by the creativity and uniqueness of the game which again carries a "hidden meaning" of sorts , i will be playing both "look for me" and the nemeses demo very soon! 

Feed back for this game is all positive the music is spot on this would make a great game if it was fleshed out and find out more about "her" and more about how "he keeps me here" this feels like a nostalgic dream sequence before an awakening, a must play!

A great horror novel, with good atmospheric noises whilst not out right scary ,it is creepy in its own right. I got the true ending on the first try but i am going to play it again for sure to see what other endings are in store for me.

The only criticisms i could give is making the apprearances of the "masked man" a little more scarier and adding haunting music instead of the current alarm type noise then followed by wind atmoshperics other than that it is fun to play.

This game was super fun to play the grainy vhs layer adds a real horror touch along with the nightvision of the camera, looking back i only found the bad ending but will definately play again to find the good one! 

 The skinwalker model is really creepy it would of been nice to have some fleshy sounds and growls as it was moving along, although it was just as horrifying when it didn't, a thouroughly good game that was a joy to play.

Video link

The demo was super fun and also induces panic quite quickly , the art style is great too it was a joy to experience ill be sure to look into the Hollow Head DC very soon ! Great game ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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This game is really great, i love the art style, ambient music and the quirky back and fourth with L-P1N and Edric. This game is really unique and the touch of steampunk is really cool like its the beginning of an age for technology and experimentation and a cure for the "Great Rot" you feel as if your groundbreaking something really special in the game.

 Some of the downsides i experienced were that the jump seems a bit short in height or one minute you leap and the next barely hop, also L-P1N got stuck a few times and wouldnt go where commanded it did make some obstacles a little harder than they needed to be.

I cant wait to see more.

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Thank you again for taking the time to make such a fun game i cant wait to see more in the future! ๐Ÿ˜Š

First commenter? Woo! , Thank you for making a short but fun game.The game itself is unique it feels like a game you could casually play for hours in a relxed kind of "playroom style game"
 The only real negative feedback i can give is the first gap you need to jump over the ledge seems to clip you through, the camera is a little too close and slows down the play as you have to keep trying to get to a point you can see your bot, the aim is a little off centre (maybe due to camera)and the controls could be a little snappier on the bot as the gap with all the posts in is near impossible to complete and the map could be a little more lit up, aside from that a great little game as i mentioned earlier it definately has they key point that it is fun to play.

Aweseome , i cant wait to see what changes , some playful sarcasms and questioning the player are always a nice touch too i look forward to the next installment ๐Ÿ˜Š -NaughtyNelly

A fantastic game, this actually makes you jump, i would of loved to see some interactables on the kitchen counters in the rooms and also a reason to hide in the darkness under the stairs, all the scares are on point and it is a thrill to play.

This game was fun to play and i love the fact you can shortcut once youve gone through it the first time,the music is good and the voice narration is great but could be padded out a little more for example if you are making more bad decisions you could put something like "oops!" or "taking the fast lane huh?" , it would also be neat to see your traits based on the options you pick before you meet your end e.g. the "the building blocks mean you are logically minded".

A great game with a really unique concept, the graphics really help immerse yourself in the game and it has great tension and atmosphere.

As others have pointed out the blue doors are confusing which subtracted a little from the game play pace but all in all good.

I love the blocky design, the controls sadly felt a little floaty especially when jumping but it was a great concept and it was fun to play, it would be great to see more on this .

This game is haunting and really creepy, its cleverly designed and gives a real experience of what it could be like to have sleep paralysis. The scares get incrementally worse , a must play!

such an interesting game i love the mechanics where you have to be conservative when drawing and also having to sharpen yourself to solve other puzzles, a great concept.

This is just like guess who except if you dont find them quickly you will be the one to be hunted! An interesting game its simplistic yet captivating, the only problem is on one description where it shows brown hair in the hud but the person has black hair.

Hilariously wierd ,creepy and contains nudity the game is one to be played just for the sheer odd experience!

I was lucky the character glitched ! but this is a fantastic game with a really dark hidden meaning (i do not know the full meaning but i have most of it right so far) a must play for sure!