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I got a notification that you left a comment on my channel but the comment isnt showing up...

weird, this is the second time that has happened. I’ll put it again in the YouTube video from my personal account (for the algorithm boost) but here’s the comment:

Hey! Thanks so much for playing my game! Most of the problems with the game design come from lack of time and play testing. The thing at the end was actually a reused door I made from a different horrorish game because I was too lazy to make something unique. I scaled it up so you can’t even tell what it is anymore lol. The bouncing bullet I thought would be fun, but from feedback I’ve gotten most people say it is incredibly frustrating so I would probably scrap that in the future. You bounce up because you also bounce when you take damage. Yeah, that design choice could have used a bit more thought. 

The reason for W not being jump was to include a punch up and punch down for S, but it doesn’t look like you ever saw that. Which makes sense, because I was dumb and never said you could anywhere :/

And yep, that’s my dog! Her name is Yuna. She’s a little bundle of joy. Thanks so much for playing! Wish I could participate in your jam this weekend. Best of luck!

thanks, gotta keep feeding that algorithm 🤣