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Hey guys, I was wondering if you have any idea when you'll be posting the next installment. I want to play ALL of the episodes for mah channel :D

Hi Meth!

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for the next episodes of Snow Cones. It's so encouraging to hear you're looking forward to playing them.

Our current plan is to get episode 2 and 3 out over July and August. So, a bit of a wait, but not to bad!

"Wrestling With Emotions" is our latest dating sim. Right now it's on show at the A MAZE festival, after which we'll be sticking it up here as well.

In the meantime, if you'd like more Lazerbeam in your life, check out our page and give Bionic Bliss or Pizza Quest a spin!

Alright, that isn't that bad of a wait. And I could definitely play the other games you've posted. I took a glance at them just now and they may be good video material as well ;)

Thanks for replying :D

P.S. Wrestling With Emotions already sounds hilarious XD

Would be awesome! Let us know if you do!

Hey Meth! Not sure if you caugh our message over youtube, but in case you missed it: Wrestling With Emotions is out! Play it here:

Oh hey! Awesome!! :D,

Thanks for keeping me in the loop ;) I have a video planned for this Monday already so I'll play this for next Monday. Can't wait!

Awesome! Looking forward to it!