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GUYS! It's been so long!!!

I miss playing your games but I'm back :D Gonna try to get a video out about this game sometime soon ;)

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And here it is, my new video where I play your new awesome game! Hope you like it :D

Haha yeah guys. I saw your messages. Sorry I havent gotten to it yet. Had a few other things to make for the channel, but im definitely doing it for next week. Im excited to see it :D

Oh hey! Awesome!! :D,

Thanks for keeping me in the loop ;) I have a video planned for this Monday already so I'll play this for next Monday. Can't wait!

You're super welcome! I'm loving playing these.

Yay! More games :D Can't wait to see them!

Heyo, another video for another game. Hope you like it :D

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Heyo! I just posted a video where I play "Pizza Quest"! Hope you like it :D

Alright, that isn't that bad of a wait. And I could definitely play the other games you've posted. I took a glance at them just now and they may be good video material as well ;)

Thanks for replying :D

P.S. Wrestling With Emotions already sounds hilarious XD

Hey guys, I was wondering if you have any idea when you'll be posting the next installment. I want to play ALL of the episodes for mah channel :D

Yay! I've beaten all of YouTube to the punch! I shall rule them!! XD

You're absolutely welcome, guys. And I'm glad you liked the video. And now I'm the one that's stoked! :D

Adorable game, guys! I hope you don't mind that I played it over on my channel.