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Thanks! Some comments:

  • Intensity of specular light is a random parameter, sometimes it's zero (e.g. the first row, the second column on this image).
  • There will be some sort of editing tool, but first I'm going to enable creating more diverse shapes procedurally.
  • All my generators get customizable colors eventually :)
  • I'm not sure I get what you mean by "standardize gable types". Is it about some parts of the same building having gable roofs and other having hip roofs?
  • I don't know about support of "custom colors" mode, but at the very least there will PNG export with transparent background.

Regarding the gabled roofs, I meant dormers - the bits that stick out of the roof along a side.  And regarding "custom colors", basically it would just be using the palettes to color the house in three colors (red, green, blue) which Wonderdraft can then map to different colors within that software.