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I come back to this generator a few times a year nowadays (though I watch that town generator a lot more) and today followed the link from Azgaar's world generator-- pretty awesome to see them linked up.

I had one suggestion, though:  it'd be nice to be able to rotate the landmark 'bubble' around the tip of the 'pin', so that it would be possible to avoid overlapping important parts of a map.  Either just a slider/text input when editing the name of the landmark, or being able to click on the bubble and drag it around the pin (though that would be problematic when trying to move the landmark unless there was a special 'rotate' handle on it). 

Tattoo/T-Shirt generator right here.  Neato

ahh okay, I wasn’t 100% sure what the difference was. Good to know!

Seconding SVG export, but also, possibly allow a transparent background color?  I tried #FFFFFF00 but not accepted (wasn't really expecting it to but thought i'd try).  Perhaps just a checkbox for it.

Regarding the gabled roofs, I meant dormers - the bits that stick out of the roof along a side.  And regarding "custom colors", basically it would just be using the palettes to color the house in three colors (red, green, blue) which Wonderdraft can then map to different colors within that software.

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Great generator, love the appearance of the little paths especially.  Some improvements/features I would like:

  • softer light on the cone shapes,
  • warp tool to change the basic shape or 'line' of the manor,
  • more toggle-able details such as you mentioned in your patreon post (chimneys, decorations, clutter),
  • custom color palettes,
  • toggle ability to standardize gable types across a building to provide more "unity" to the architectural style.

Additionally, what I immediately was thinking about is a tie-in to MegaSploot's Wonderdraft program.  At a basic level, if it were possible to export these as png's with custom color palette (such that colors could be set to Red, Green, Blue) they could easily be imported as Symbols to his program and town maps be made quickly.  On a significantly more involved level, requiring colloboration with MegaSploot, an in-program generator when placing building symbols.  Of course, that is likely a pipe dream.

But in any case, I look forward to whatever comes out of the mind of Watabou next!