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Big improvements. Well done. Very pleasant game, and very relaxing.

Some more thoughts.

1. PLANT SELECTION problem. To start the game you have to hold LEFT-CLICK for a long-time. This goes against the competition rules. Two ways to overcome this. Click to cycle through the three plants. After the first click... when you stop clicking a timer ticks-down (maybe just use the progress bar in reverse), and when it reaches zero that option is chosen.

Or, press once (and release) to start the plant options cycling automatically. When you press again (and release), that selects and starts the game.

2. HARD TO READ FONT.  A lot of the text is hard to read, depending on the weather/time-of-day, and where the text is. If you can, a white outline would really help.

3. Small grammatical mistake, I believe with "Your plant grew to bore the fruit of.....". Should be "Your plant grew to bear the fruit of...."


I have updated the game accordingly to the suggestions given.

Thank you so much for the suggestions and compliments for the past few days. I am truly grateful for the wonderful judge's for creating this game jam and the cause behind this event. Have a great day and more power!