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Been tweaking the grinding rail physics a bit. My buddy already played with them a bit and made this level:

We have also been progressing with the overworld of the first ship, the 'Arrowhead'. I've been making hologram screens showing useless but cool-looking graphs. Unidrax commented on that the 'windows' in the ship looked more like the ship has gaping holes in its hull, so they've been replaced with transparent windows. We've also finished all overworld rooms on the ship.

Now, in the levels the camera follows the player perfectly, keeping him in the middle at all times. But on the overworld that makes less sense, in my opinion. This is why the overworld uses a noded camera system: every room in the ship is divided into multiple zones, and once a player is in a zone the camera targets the middle of that zone, and otherwise it targets the player. This camera system has originally been designed for a puzzle platformer (where the camera is kept still when you're in a puzzle room), but a slightly adjusted version of it also works in the Mobility overworld.

To finish for today, here's the top overworld room of the Arrowhead: