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Good improvement, but asking the user to press ENTER stops it being a one-button game.

Ideally, allow the game to be played using the SPACE BAR and/or LEFT-CLICK alone. No need to press anything else. No need to move a mouse pointer. No need for keys.

It might be nice to allow the user to skip the intro too, as once you've seen it once, you might want to get straight into the game.

On the full-screen option, bear in mind that the most able switch users may be using a mouse emulator. It would be good to offer a clickable way to go back to windowed mode. 


Thank you for the feedback, I will roll out the updates as fast as possible, thank you!


Once again thank you for the suggestions that you have commented. I have programmed the game to let the player long press the "Left-Mouse Button" whenever the player wants to choose a plant, instead of pressing "Enter." 

I have also implemented your idea to skip the intro.

Pertaining to the Full-Screen button that you have suggested, Sadly I cannot implement it, since it is one of the limitation of the game engine that I am using.