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Hey! can i kindly suggest could you try to reduce interiors tileset file numbers, with more tile draw for each one? Rpgmv have only four space (B,C,D,E) for objects in each group. Having more tile for each tilesets give me the possibility to use more tile without change group for the scene

Hi resiFrog, the RPGMaker MV tileset B-E have a maximum size of 768x768, that's why I had to divide them.
There's no actual way to have bigger tileset files, maybe with some plugins...


Yes, I know, but there is a lot of blank space for example in the "interiors 0 ", i don't know if you can fill with other tiles...or if i'm saying nosense sorry. 

Ah sure, the Interiors 0 is quite empty cause it contains the old stuff, I'll add the new stuff there in the next days


oh.. okok thank you very much ! you're really friendly and helpfull :)

You're welcome ;)

i think i have to edit and set manually what tile i want in my files to obtain a better experience.. thanks for all and sorry for disturb! :D 


Ye it may be the bext option for rpg maker users since the stuff is so much! No disturb, don’t worry ;)