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This is even more intense than the textwalls lore

Thanks a lot Sharm! <3 Ye indeed those animations open tons of game designs options!

Thanks a lot Adela! <3
Go for it eheheh!

Uhh now that I think of it, some levers might be handy there!

Mhhh now that I think of it, it would be cool to have some animals to interact with the fountains!!!

Thanks Init! <33 
I've added the hockey rink to the to-do list!

Thanks Shay! <3 I'll consider that soon!

Thanks alpi! <3 The museum is on the to-do list, I'll consider the concert hall too!

Hi Hamster, what would that imply?

(1 edit)

Hi neko, most of the tilesets are already arranged for the RPGM!

Hi fizzi, not yet but it's planned! <3

Thanks a lot Adela <3

Yee! Prolly the last one for now! <3

Another thing to make after all the fountain are finished! I'm gonna write that down or I'm gonna forget it 100%

Great one! I'm gonna add all those little animations after drawing all the planned fountains! <3

No worries at all feral <33 I knew you meant that, the only pressure I feel are from myself, and from the fact that I could do even more if my hand was 100% ok, but I'm very grateful of the results anyways
Much love to your feedback and frequent suggestions!

Uhh that would super cool!

Thanks dejaime <3

Ahahahah I feel you, ME could really go on forever since the reference source is almost infinite!

Thanks Oasis, your words mean a lot! <3
Yee I can't believe either, there are still sooo many things to make!

I totally agree feral, the "development" of this asset was stopped a couple of times for to my hand pain and still now I can't draw how much I want due to that condition (it's surely way better than last year, but not totally cured)

Thanks Cryptic! it's 6 full hours of drawing into a single sprite, I had to do something different for this event!!

Thanks a lot Libera <3

Grind never stops <3

Indeed ahahah it's years of work!

Thank a lot Aidas <333

uhh nice one, gonna make some! <3

Ok, for the 201th eheheh

Ahahahah I like this idea

Thanks Jeune! <3

Thanks cartman! The greenhouse is on the list <3

It's coming it's coming eheheh

Ohh yeahh now I got it! I'm gonna try to make them for the 200th update! :)

Garden statues that fight citizens...that's a nice game concept

ahahaha I guess I made a good job then!

Thanks Last <3

mmmm not sure what you meant with the plant patches, could you send an image about it?
The greenhouse is a great prompt to have here, gonna add it to the list!

Innovative, nothing to add

Thanks Dima! <3

Thanks Spoofus! <3

Ahahaha beware it's a fairy trap!!!