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I just watched the whole video! This is such a smart and cool concept, the large amount of stuff given by my assets really find a purpose here!
Thanks for making this, it makes me sooo happy to see such projects! :)

I got your side-note, didn't know about it, I'll keep that in mind!

Hi kevin! There are a couple reasons for using 3-4 tiles walls such as having more space to decorate and to use big objects (as you mentioned), but also to give a certain feel to the room cause the taller the walls are the less it's a home, if it makes sense! :)

Hi Cyol, I'm gonna try add them i the next few days ;)

Yes, the complete version version (at least 1.20$) includes the commercial license :)

Hi Warock,
I'll update it for the XP in the next few days :)

Thank you nico, eheheh that was the goal ;)

Really glad you like it lord! :)

Thank you Bruno!

You are welcome Mara :)

Hi LusiQ_00,

I always used Aseprite :)

Thank you Bruno!

Hub lord, thanks for your suggestions! A butcher will be surely added in the pack when the butcher’s shop subtheme is done! ;)

Hi Zach!
Thanks for the idea, I'm gonna think about it! :)

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Hi Bugerman, thanks for your kind words!
It looks like you are taking an extra pixel from the right of the wall, when the border begins.
I tried to reproduce your issue and It looks the same:

Hi Warock, I ended converting all the tilesets! here

Great, I'm glad you solved it! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll think about it! :)

Thank you lord, from time to time I'll update this with little things :)

You are welcome! :)

Indeed they can't be squared, I thought it was visible to the eye! I'm gonna add a .txt so anyone won't encounter your issue in the future, thank you! 

Hi Proper Void,

you are right, the "16x16" on the characters file means they have to be used in a 16x16 environment, but they actually are 16x16*2 etc! If this leads to an issue, I'll try to help you :)

Hi Warock! Today I started converting everything for the XP, give it a try! here

Thank you antikx!

Hi Zace! The files are ready to be imported, you shouldn’t encounter any issue, but in case I’m here to help you ;)

Hi Warock,

at the moment there are no XP compatible tilesets, the XP tileset size is 256 x endless if I'm not wrong, so I need to replace everything in a file like that. Since the "everything" is a massive amount of stuff, it may take me a while, but in the next few days I'll try to get it done :) 
I'll comment here again when I update the asset with the XP stuff, so you'll get a notif! 

You are welcome prof ;)
Thanks for your kind words!

Hi prof, I've added a simple campfire to Serene Village, hope it goes well with your project! here

Thank you Zach!

Don't worry Mara, I appreciate your kindness!

Hi Zach! The modern exterior asset will feature streets, various building, shops etc at the start, then it will receive loads of updates like my interiors asset! So ye, store fronts and all of that! ;)

Hey PiNex, there’s a flat pizza in the bakery tileset and a pizza on a plate in the Kitchen tileset :)

Hi Mara! I was thinking of a cooling chamber too, definitely gonna try to do it! ;)

I’m pretty full at the moment, but you can contact me here: ;)

That's great! Don't forget to link me the game when it's ready, I wanna play it too! ;)

Hi danksy, thanks for your comment, I appreciate!
I'm not a Unity expert, but I'm pretty sure all that can be achieved using the 2D system! There should be a bunch of YT tutorials on how to make a pixel top-down game in Unity!
Best of luck with your project!

Hi Spoofus, thanks for the comment!
I'm working on a modern exterior pack, it's taking forever since I update this asset each day, but it not far from a releasable state!

Mhhh you are right Oasis! Let's see if I can add a bit of spook here!

Not at the moment prof, I'm gonna try to add one in the next few days ;)

Ahahahaha indeed it's not the "usual Karen"

Hi Amethyst!
Thank you for the great ideas!
The Church will be released as a separate asset (like the office), I'll start working on it soon for a private commission, and the client was ok with me publishing it here!
The Clothing store will likely be the next theme after all the subtheme of the Grocery store/ Supermarket! ;)

ahahah thank you prof ;)