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Hi Jacques! Using my assets into WorkAdventure is allowed, go for it and good luck with your mapping!

You are welcome hexa, I'm always happy to implement good prompts!

Yes, they are real workers now ehehe!

You are not wrong guys, the helmet was missing in yesterday update cause I just had the time to design it!

ehehe that's right! The plan is to add clothes here and there to complete the updates!


That's a great idea, gonna try to draw one of them tomorrow! 

Thanks Last, the challenge there was to show depth with some really simple shapes, I tried my best with detailing and lighting! <3

Thanks Ghost, I appreciate!

Thanks Aidas, I appreciate!

Thanks Eric, I appreciate!

Thanks hexa, I appreciate ehehe

For sure Prof, I'll draw new buildings pretty soon!

Sure ahahaha

same tho, I've used google translate for that ahahah

Hi TLiaD, thanks for the worksite idea, gonna try to draw it tomorrow!

I've actually stopped updating the singles cause I plan to resave them all without space around and with a specific file name based on the sprite!

Great prompts, adding them today! :)

Thanks for the support narurinya! I'm gonna add for sure many vehicles, the bus and the police car will probably be the first! ;)

Not really ehehe I was talking about the upper tiles of the workiste terrain that has a little thick border! 
Building skeletons coming tomorrow, you are right! ;)

Thanks Last, I couldn't leave you with just a worksite tape ehehe

You are welcome Ghost, I'm gonna spend 2 more updates on the worksite! ;)

You are welcome Alex, thanks to you for your warm support! :)

Thanks Xecalion, I appreciate! <3

Woops, thanks Ghost, fixed it with today's update! 

I'm glad you like the stuff Last! <3

Thanks Gabriel, I appreciate!

Great idea Areinu, gonna start drawing "unfinished" buildings for the worksite!

ahaha can't deny 

Wooah I'm happy for you! Probably I'm gonna draw a whole Post Office before the end of the asset!

Ahahahaha it happens when I like suggestions!

ahahahaha they are pretty dominant in the block 

Thanks for the idea Kamus, I believe that I'm gonna draw icons soon or later, they would be a great adding for sure!

Sure Drowwyz, the bus will probably be the first new vehicle I'll draw, along with a police car! ;)

Thanks guys, I'm so happy you like my graffitis that much, I plan to draw some very big ones in future, like that cover a whole 3-4 tiles height facade!

Thanks Last, it reminds me a lot when I was used to draw on paper, pretty good memories <3

Here you go dejaime, you are unstoppable now ahahah

That was the idea, I'm glad you got it eheheh little details really add so much truthfulness to a context <3

Uhh that's a really cool idea, gonna save it for when I'll draw schools ;)

Thanks Kamus, i always appreciate! <3

Great idea Areinu, drawing it in tomorrow's update!