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eheheh yeahh!

Thanks Carver! <3
Yeah rpg maker is not a friendly software when you wanna develop using external game assets :s

Thanks YUU! <3

Thanks init! Sure, adding that to the list! <3

Thanks ABDL, I relaxed a lot during my break, it was very nice <3

Thanks a bunch alamops! <3

Thanks Carver! Oh, you mean the beach cliff tileset, right? It's a bit tricky to make a rpg maker version of it, but I'll do my best <3


Thanks for your suggestion mesk! A fishing animation is planned and will be added sooner or later <3

Thanks a bunch Aidas! <33

ahahahaah thanks Carver <3, now and I'm back and new content will be added veeery soon ;)

Thanks slart! <3 Sure, enjoy developing your browser game and be sure to let me know when it'll be out ;)

I'm back guys!Patreon subs are now open again<3

Thanks a lot YUU! <3

Thanks Cryptic, I'm back now ehehe <3

Thanks a lot Last <3

ahahaha I'll stop someday...maybe :x

Thanks as always YUU! <3

Thanks a bunch Carver <33

Thanks a lot YUU! <3

Thanks a lot Carver! <3

Thanks a lot YUU! <3

Thanks a lot Chain! <3 Ohh that's a nice one, let me add it to the list ;)

Thanks Carver! <3

Thank you so much Cryptic! <3

Thanks a lot YUU! <3

You are welcome Carver, thanks for your support! <3

Oh yeah I missed that one Carver, I have tons of notifs here and it frequently happens to miss some of thme!
At some point I'm gonna convert every animated object to the rpgmaker format (prolly closing to the 400th update)
Anyways, when designing sprites I think at engines like Unity, Godot and GameMakerStudio

Thanks a lot Last! <3

Ahahah thanks Pow, that sandy variation is kinda essential imo eheh

Thanks a lot YUU! <3

Uhh nice idea! <3

Thanks Carver! <3

Thanks Yuu! <3

Thanks YUU! <3

Thanks Carver! A bit of patience and everything will be clear ;) <3

Thanks a lot Yuu, I like the door too, ngl! <3

ahahaa thanks for your care Carver! There'll be time to sleep <3

nahhh this is too much love, I can't handle it ahaha <333

ahaah thanks a lot peter, I appreciate! <3