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Can i use these for commercial project (an hilarious rpg game with a lot of humour like black humour, joke about drugs etc?)

is there rats?

i've bought these and  some other packs, where i can find information about what i can do with these license?

an example about how to correct credit it's autor? link to license?

How to correctly credit its author? an example?

what about license?

Fantastic!! Thanks again for all the works and the help you have give to me during these days!!!

Yes, i think you have to create more files with eight animations for each... or similar

Have you tryied to solve animation import problem for rpgm mv users? 
p.s. really nice windows!! it's perfectly what i was expect!

P.S. my suggest for future daily update is..."more windows"

i have develop some demo games in these years with unity, but now i've learn to use rpg maker in a course and i've decide to use it to dev a game in less time but it's a very wood like engine. 

Can you reduce the numbers of animated doors files to only one or two? I've some issue when i try to import and use them. maybe wrong resolution? or maybe i'm noob lol.. :D thanks again for all.

I'm thinking to try to edit the tilesets in this pack to make them compatible with rpgm MV... Or have you already tryied to do and the result appear orrible?

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can i kindly suggest to make more doors? :D

nice work!

i think i have to edit and set manually what tile i want in my files to obtain a better experience.. thanks for all and sorry for disturb! :D 

oh.. okok thank you very much ! you're really friendly and helpfull :)

Yes, I know, but there is a lot of blank space for example in the "interiors 0 ", i don't know if you can fill with other tiles...or if i'm saying nosense sorry. 

Hey! can i kindly suggest could you try to reduce interiors tileset file numbers, with more tile draw for each one? Rpgmv have only four space (B,C,D,E) for objects in each group. Having more tile for each tilesets give me the possibility to use more tile without change group for the scene

It work perfectly now! thanks really much!

Hey! Your tilesets are awesome! Have you think to draw an outside city tileset/objects pack  next days?

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I've see just now!! Thank you very much!!! 

oh.. ok. Thanks for reply.

can you notify me when you made A1_A5 import method or text about? :)

Why there isn't a scaled version for rpgm mv?all your asset packs are really nice!

Great! i'm glad to know!

Thanks for all!

how i can import correctly in A1_A5 rpgmv?  Can you write a txt about or something about?

really nice work!

Can i use for personal and both commercial use? 

thank you!!! i think to start from this scheme to build my gdd template :D it's really nice!