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This game has some good stuff in it but a serious lack of directions on what to do, along with extremely low mouse sensitivity and the strange fact that you can't walk down a slope without dying in one place that really looks like a pathway prevented me from enjoying it.

Sorry about the sensitivity, I'll see if I can add a setting that'll help with that. And can you specify more about the death, was it towards the beginning, or somewhere at the end of level 1? I could try  and fix that for the next build to ensure a better experience for new players. Anyways, thanks a lot for playing, and I really appreciate the feedback!

There is a square building where you find a green orb, right to the left of it (left of you when you look at the building) there's a path leading down.

Thanks for the reply! I'll look into it and see what I can do to make it more clear or less frustrating to navigate.

You also see another square building further to the left which can't be reached normally, that makes it even more "clear" that you need to find another path to it, and voila there's that path  inbetween them.