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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the vid here (sub to support)):


1. The game is very cool, I like how it elaborated the lore about Cage Face as it is the sequel to the previous Cage Face game.

2. I like the style, it reminded me of The Coma a lot. I think it's especially cool as it's so different from the previous game. I think it's a wonderful idea to create separate games for those newspapers articles that we've seen in the previous game. It's even cooler if each game would be made in different style. Well done!


1. I don't think there's much gameplay here. I think the previous game was more interesting. It was cool replaying it and here it's a one time experience.

2. It would be cooler if the game would have different endings (as is it didn't seem like it at least). Though, it's really hard to add different endings when it's obvious from the start that the main character is going to survive. Yet, you could add another escape route or something similar.

3. The danger didn't seem to be real at all. I think you could make Cage Face patrol one cabin and the player run from one hiding spot to another evading Cage Face at the same time. Or something like that.


This game didn't impress me as much as the previous did. Still, I think it was pretty good. I'll rate it 4/5, yet I can't wait for more Cage Face games! The creature is so cool and it deserves a lot more attention!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for the feedback