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Everyone who says this game is to hard is kinda correct. the game is great, but there is one problem. the gems. sometimes they spawn and sometimes they dont. its a really big problem for me. i sometimes start the game, and get to a round, and there just isnt a gem somewhere. i think it might be a feature, but im not really sure. like gems only spawn after specfic rounds or something. but if it is, i havent figured it out, and so im doing parkour and exploring the entire map looking for one that HAS spawned.

but this is definitely the best game ive ever played on, good job!

IIRC there's always two crystals spawned somewhere (except immediately when you collect one - it has some short delay until it's respawned). Also, there's only a handful of places where they can be, but multiple good "vista routes" you might take to inspect where the gem is.

I agree with commenters that the game is too hard. Maaaybe it'd be ok if there were earlier levels that ramped up to that difficulty.


if you made a full version of this game, with a level set, and infinite mode, or whatever on steam, i would definitely buy it. do you have a discord server?