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I had the same instinct, once I was able to ignore it I did a lot better

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The difficulty slope is very slippery, but fun regardless

I dont understand this oops
still havent finished it also

I cant figure it out either, im probably gonna keep trying for an hour but if you wanna give a hint or solution for level 2 i would be eternally grateful

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Great game! Reminds me of Glitcheon a bit

Awesome! hard but fun and addictive!

what is this song from? Its so friggin nostalgic! That start especially. I know it for sure. I was actually humming it the other day. Is it from "Hidden My Game By Mom" or "Hide and Dance?" Those are what came to mind first.

First playthrough: 37:54

other playthroughs: nope too hard

how do you go about designing puzzles? do you come up with an idea and then combine it with another one? or just randomly place stuff till something works?

only took 8 months, but yall picked the right game!

HOLY F---! I just finished on CoolMathGames and it was insane! As someone who is starting level design, it really makes me wonder htf you came up with levels? what is your process for making levels?

yeah. but still, i coudlnt get past like the third island

i figured it out. when i used alt tab

you needed checkpoints. or maybe i didnt get to them. this was fun!

I love it! only problem: in a game that focuses on the cursor a bunch, the cursor should either be hidden or have a skin

ok. Well if you ever make one, let me know! I love your stuff!

Oh LMAOOOOOO. Welp if you have the source code of any, is it possible to change it to Html5? (I dont know anything about this, I dont even know if thats the correct thing.) Or whatever format your new games are in? also, do you have a discord? I LLOVEEEEE your games

Have you thought about making your flash games work?

Just rescued simmon at coolmathgame, pretty fun! I lost because of stacks too high. i had 43 lines \(0_0)/ WHOOOOOO.

also for those who couldnt understnand the font:


     -1cup condensed milk

     -1cup evaporated milk

     -1cup lime juice

2. Pour on pie crust

3. Freeze 3 hrs

This is super fun!


feels a bit too much like Celeste classic. otherwise, AMAZING!

261 is my record. how good is that?

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I cant comment there, so i am here. Blocco is AMAZING! I love it! I just beat it on coolmathgames. how the heck do you come up with such simple but puzzling mechanics! ITS CRAZY! Why dont you post your games there here? is it part of the coolmathgames contract? i thought that a lot of game makers put their games on both

np! It was fun!

Its good! I think that unless you were gonna use it for level design, you shouldnt be able to push your dead bodies

thanks for the links! All of them were great choices! If you wanna check out my only game so far, Cloud Skippers, and give some feedback, that would be awesome!

Super fun! unique concept! I loved it!

isnt this Bloxels Music? if not, i dunno what it is but ive heard it before a lot of times. also, the arrow at the start isnt smart. it is from a different tileset that doesnt fit. otherwise, OMG ITS AMAZING

Thanks for the detailed feedback! WHOOPS! C&H reference isnt there! oh no! Sorry!


I loved it! super fun!

I love it~

huh. maybe i did install it, but im like 90% sure i didnt

thanks for replying!

I had the same question

I could swear this used to be a browser game. is that true?


tHAT WAS funnnnnn!!!