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Yay! Another great game to play!

Where are the not free games that you make? I might be able to buy some

Cant wait!

If you decide to put a ton more effort into this, you could add a coin globe and tails too! Although I dont think there is a reason you would, since its just a bunch of effort and minimal outcome

This is great! Only comment is to make the animations a little smoother and faster. for a demo this is amazing!

it worked for me


I dont know how to fix it sorry. Other than that, I love the colors? (sorry i cant install only play webversions)

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I think having a campaign is much further down the line. First what you need is health pickups. Along with fixing respawn

Yeah! Thats the one I had! Thanks!


This is great. It would be awesome if the chasers were different colors and their trails stayed so that it was kinda drawing

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its cute and made me happy. Just wondering: Why are your games so much more unproffesional now? Games you used to make like Detiled are also great! Is there a reason? I enjoy both just wondering

This is fun! Good job! Temple run 3!

Great Game! I have no firends tho

yep! Its actually great Im just annoyned i cant finish. Im gonna try again today!

One mistake: You say its Pico island, but the game says Angle Island. DUDE THIS IS AWESOMMMMEEEEEEEE! Is this based on a specific Sonic game? Because I had one a long time ago that had the same trampoline in tree setup in the beginning to the top left above the start with a secret.

you need to use momentum there is a ramp to the left of it

WOW! This is great! First game? Good job! Only comment is it would be nice to have a leaderboard, or just something to keep track of your score

nice game. also no im not looking kind THIC unlike Billy or Willy

Great! But is there a goal or something? If not, maybe just while its in prototype you could add a killcount in the corner. Well made good game!

I didnt see the controls in the description. Is it in the correct description? Also, Cant wait for mobile!

Its cut off in browser so you cant go past the CONTROLS screen

This is great! The levels are pretty simple, but they take so many tries! Partly because of milk bottle rotation RNG

Good game! To all who dont know: Controls are only that you can drag and launch the milk bottle, and get the cookie into the jar. Oranges can go in the jar but they dont need to. Everything bounces off walls I think

Im getting it on my phone so i can play without horrible lag. Cant wait!

Ive played a bunch of games with this sprite set, but they are all Ehhhhhhhh, so I wasnt expecting much.  But having so many different mechanics, and at the end being able to mess around with them? That was great!

I was scrolling through the newest games playable in browser. Its a good way to find some great games! Like this one!

DAYYYYYYYYM this is great!!


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"Few enemies I had time to create". Well each of those enemies is great! Also first load took over 5 minutes. possibly because I kept reloading the page. also my internet connection is trash

I was looking at the newest posted games on, it was there, so I opened it. It was great so I also checked out your other game on Is this one also scratch?

ALSO great! Do you have the link to the project on scratch? Id love to see how oyu did it!

suprisingly fun to play for a game with barely anything yet! Cant wait for more versions! Im definitely gonna follow your progress with this if you decide to stick with it and stick with sticking with it!

i am officially a frikin space cowboy. cya

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10 lines for the end is too much. I cant get that much in flappy tetris! and i reallly want to see the end

in web mode, even in fullscreen, the start game is cut off too much to let you play

just finished it and it was under 30 seconds hehe

I tried that. Guess I wasnt accurate enough. welp time to try again...

great! But I cant figure out how to water plants