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I was actually in the middle of commenting when Tabikat did, haha.

We were debating over whether you meant the correct order, or the correct items. If it ends up it is making you do the correct order, do you mind if I ask which file you downloaded to double check?

For the correct items, we've been talking about what we can do now, and after the GameJam ends. For right now, we'll do the walkthrough to help out. But, as you said, the difficulty curve is something to worry about especially because we want to add more monsters.  I'm thinking of seeing if we can change the whole item puzzle to more visual, drag n' drop sort of thing to make things  easier for the player. Also include hints. 

I'm so glad to hear you like Shoggoth, they definitely became a player favorite. They were written and designed by Tabikat, so I know from hearing her right now that she is over the moon.

I'll be honest, this is the first time we heard of the app, rofl. I will devote some time to reading about it, but  do you mind if I ask if marking the file is in Edit Game? If so, that should be a easy fix. 

Thanks again for commenting and playing!


Yes, if you go to edit game and the uploads, each file needs to be marked with which OS they belong to for it to work in the app.
The itch app is basically a launcher like steam is. You have access to your library of installed games and any keys that are connected to your account.

Hmm, if it is any order, then both my friend and I had weird experiences with it. She swore she tried chalk, candle, goat and got nothing, while I tried flesh, blood, quill several times before trying quill, blood, flesh and got a result. I guess we might both be remembering wrong.

We both played the standard windows version, tho she gave up after not getting any result. It depends how puzzly you want it to be really. I didn't mind having to figure out the correct solutions and the resulting dialogue puzzles, while she doesn't like puzzles. You can't appeal to everyone. Some ppl would be upset if it was too easy.
If you manage to pull off a drag-and-drop interface, that'd be a very fluid way of doing it tho, less clicking.

I think it is a very neat idea and great work for a proof of concept!


Perfect. I got them tagged now, so hopefully it should be easier for people who use the app now. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I've tried replicating the problem with two computers, with Tab and a few other players. I haven't been able to get it to repeat, so I'm at a lost of what you and your friend encountered. My only guesses are, something went wrong in extraction, computer wise, or maybe .. Did you guys just get nothing or did the dud end play?

If you guys are up to it, I would love to see a recording to see if I'm missing something.  I'll keep my eyes out either way, so don't worry if you don't want to do it. I am still sorry regardless that it happened to you two, I can understand how that could be frustrating.

Thanks to you guys though, I did find something I can fix even if I can't figure out the other thing.

One of the testers for the bug, actually typed in 300 characters.  So, yeah, that's a definite fix, haha!

True, we'll have to find that perfect balance of difficulty in future updates.  Especially with the addition of new monsters and items, which will make it harder to keep up. That's why has been great with keeping up comments and playthroughs, so I can hopefully see what's working and what needs more refinement. Speaking of which,

Thanks so much for answering the questions! I know its probably not what you signed up for, but we appreciate the time taken out for it.