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Hey, weird request. Could you make a black and white version of this sprite ? No, not all the animations, just one frame so I can make the rest myself. I'd be more than very grateful if you did just that. It would work SO WELL with my game. I'd really appreciate it! If you would make it, could you make it like Daniel Linssen's Outline ( What I mean by this is, a white background and a black outline. Here are some other examples:, Just leave a screenshot in the replies. I'd be really happy if you made it. Thanks!

uh, you mean something like that?

I'm not sure if you can get the fancy outline effect without a cleaver shader but something akin to rota should be doable with this character.

Good luck.

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This was such a stupid request and you still answered. Thank you so much! Also, what FPS did you make the animations? And no, I didn't mean for the outline effect in Outline, I just meant white background and black outlines. Again, thanks! And keep up the good work. Oh, and any games coming?