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Is your name actually Daniel King?

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Thank you! But how many FPS are the animations?  Oh oh oh, sorry, but how would you go about making the character in this style or (with the white background and black main stuff)? Make the outline and robot eye thing black while the rest is white?

Cool! Did you remember what they were? Also, the late reply's fine.; at least you replied!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)

Also, is this what you used to make Super Skelemania or any of your other games?

I know you say this won't be updated, but would you be okay with making an executable file for this? I don't have GameMaker yet, so I would like to see this in action without it. I know, I know, this is a stupid request. Still, I'd appreciate it, even though you probably have better stuff to do.

Cool! What asset pack(s) did you use to create this game?

May I use the sprites in my game?

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How do you make a React game an executable?

What game engine did you use to make this game

If you will, you should add squash and stretch to the player.

Will you continue to work on this game?

Alright, thanks!

Were your sprite packs made to work with these tilesets?

How did you create the trail effect?

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This was such a stupid request and you still answered. Thank you so much! Also, what FPS did you make the animations? And no, I didn't mean for the outline effect in Outline, I just meant white background and black outlines. Again, thanks! And keep up the good work. Oh, and any games coming?

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Hey, weird request. Could you make a black and white version of this sprite ? No, not all the animations, just one frame so I can make the rest myself. I'd be more than very grateful if you did just that. It would work SO WELL with my game. I'd really appreciate it! If you would make it, could you make it like Daniel Linssen's Outline ( What I mean by this is, a white background and a black outline. Here are some other examples:, Just leave a screenshot in the replies. I'd be really happy if you made it. Thanks!

May I use the sprites in my game?

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Did you use the Pixel Perfect Camera component in this game?

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Could you please post how you made the particle effects? Thanks! Also, how many frames per second are the player animations?

Cool! How did you make the whole room rotate and only make the player and other objects fall after the rotation is completed? Also, how did you make the collisions so flawless? Especially when the room is rotating and the player gets pushed by a wall.