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she's filthy rich and you shouldn't feel bad for her. I know I don't. She doesn't even try to talk about her problems to anyone. Maybe if she didn't waste the entire day on simple chores like the lazy bourgeois she is then she wouldn't be so depressed.


dude I'm pretty sure being rich doesn't fix all of her problems. She's dealing with constant criticisms from her parents in law, pressure to have a kid, a nicotine addiction, having to do all of the housework, no real free time, her freeloading sister, a whole child in the house, and her husband is kind of obnoxious and useless in this game. She has a lot going on and who would she talk to about her problems? she doesn't want to burden her husband or sister anymore than they are already dealing with, her parents in law look for any excuse to bully her, and she doesn't seem to have much of a social life outside of her husband. She feels trapped. Just because her husband makes decent money doesn't fix her life.


wow you're insensitive