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dude I'm pretty sure being rich doesn't fix all of her problems. She's dealing with constant criticisms from her parents in law, pressure to have a kid, a nicotine addiction, having to do all of the housework, no real free time, her freeloading sister, a whole child in the house, and her husband is kind of obnoxious and useless in this game. She has a lot going on and who would she talk to about her problems? she doesn't want to burden her husband or sister anymore than they are already dealing with, her parents in law look for any excuse to bully her, and she doesn't seem to have much of a social life outside of her husband. She feels trapped. Just because her husband makes decent money doesn't fix her life.

yeah, same thing is happening to me?

ahhh I love the game so far and all the characters too! Everything about this is extra cool and I’d like to ask if there is any plan for merch in the future? I could definitely see myself buying a mug or pin with the characters on it! I just started playing yesterday and I’m already way too into this lol

how do you mow the lawn?? i can't figure it ou

this was really sad but still great. thank you for making this game, i hope you make more like this.

yes! this was beautiful but simple, i love it.

adorable! i loved this

Aww, this game was really cute (as long as you choose the cutsie actions, i couldn't be mean to him though), it was... strangely adorable lmao

This is amazing! I wasn't expecting it to be as captivating as it was but I was presently surprised. There were small plot twists that kept me focused on the storyline. It's more than a lot of other lesbian/wlw sims out there, I loved it. 11/10 would recommend.