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idk how this works or who would make good partners with who and im bad at this

how do i scrol 2 c all le comments?

how do i save?

very good game. when they say "you didn't know you were choosing" sums it all up pretty well. Incredible game with an amazing message. Thank you.

wow you're insensitive


ooh a prequal

Hi there! I know this is a demo, so it's still a work in progress. I just really love this games style, and wanted to give a bit of feedback to hopefully help it improve. :)

(I only got to around 1 day of chocolate covered strawberries in my play-through)

  • Changing your character's looks after the initial start of the game
    • (that could also lead to more options in the future to buy clothes)
  • PLEAAAASE add a save feature. I was so disappointed when i had to quit and saw i couldn't save. :(
  • click to move controls (would be a veery nice option it's usually the controls these types of games use)
  • everything is a taaad too slow (i understand it's supposed to be slow paced but even the animations seem abit off)

I also noticed when sprinting you get a little trail and go faster. However sprinting is temporary and doesn't always work. I'm guessing either it's a mistake or there's some kind of stamina mechanic. If so there should be some kind of stamina wheel or indicator for this.

These are just some of my ideas for the game! Tysm for your time. I can't wait to see if there'll be any new updates in the future.