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Guess I should have just waited 3 hours...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway! In any case, your feedback correlates with what we wanted to change about this prototype, so it makes us think we're heading in the right direction

What do you think of this next version though?

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The new card icons were the first thing that stood out to me in the battle scene. I felt like I was making more deliberate choices between cards and sides. In the previous version, I had completely avoided using the red side of cards, whereas that was not an option here. However, with the cards forgoing combined effects, the mechanics feel simpler than before.

I liked the change to enemies telegraphing their moves. I found this also helped in understanding the aggression mechanic. There's still a lot of mystery and figuring out what-to-do on the side of the player, though.

Overall, I think this was a step in the right direction. This update encouraged me to flip my cards more often than I was in the last.

Good luck with the next update! I have a release planned for later this week and would love your feedback when you get a chance.

Thanks for the new portion of the feedback. The new version is under development at the moment. Can't wait to check your release out. Would you mind to send me a link?

I published it today! Here's the link: