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"8-bit, 16-bit, I didn't know it went lower than that"—lmaoooo, I love this. I love that it started out as just this weird, esoteric and compelling tweet you'd seen, and you kind of had to solve a little mystery just to even find out what the game is. Just like a character in the game would have to do!!

I have a less interesting origin story. :/ For me, it was right at the very beginning, when the dev released a demo (or maybe it was just screenshots at first, and eventually there was an incomprehensible demo), that a bunch of us started tweeting about it and getting ourselves pumped. I am such a fan of Junji Ito, whose stories are like apocalyptic anxiety fever-dreams. I followed the game for a really long time—I feel like it was still a couple years or more before World of Horror was actually released! I grabbed the game from Steam on Launch Day (then bought it on Itch a few days later, 'cause I wanted to play it on my Mac, too). So I was anticipating it for a really long time, but I didn't get to have the kind of "twisted delight" you experienced!!