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"8-bit, 16-bit, I didn't know it went lower than that"—lmaoooo, I love this. I love that it started out as just this weird, esoteric and compelling tweet you'd seen, and you kind of had to solve a little mystery just to even find out what the game is. Just like a character in the game would have to do!!

I have a less interesting origin story. :/ For me, it was right at the very beginning, when the dev released a demo (or maybe it was just screenshots at first, and eventually there was an incomprehensible demo), that a bunch of us started tweeting about it and getting ourselves pumped. I am such a fan of Junji Ito, whose stories are like apocalyptic anxiety fever-dreams. I followed the game for a really long time—I feel like it was still a couple years or more before World of Horror was actually released! I grabbed the game from Steam on Launch Day (then bought it on Itch a few days later, 'cause I wanted to play it on my Mac, too). So I was anticipating it for a really long time, but I didn't get to have the kind of "twisted delight" you experienced!!

It won't necessarily teach you how to make your own horrors, but someone has compiled every mod players have made so far, along with quick instructions on where to put them. From there, when you visit "mods" in the main menu, the game should autodetect everything you included in your "custom" folder. Hope this helps! :)

I redownloaded and unzipped it and replaced the file, since the original wasn't opening. It still looked like it wasn't going to open—it said the software "needs to be updated by the developer"—but the popup simultaneously also said Apple couldn't check it for being malicious software. Control-clicking and choosing "open," then choosing "open" on the error popup, worked for me. Just fiddle with it some more! :)