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This game is so hard! It's supposed to be 20-40 minutes long but I spent probably an hour on it and was only halfway through it because I died so many times. It's very hard to fight the pigs. I have a tendency to button mash, so after dying at one point, I accidentally pressed the wrong key (Q?) and it restarted the whole game. This was very unfortunate given that there is no save function. I think it's important for all games to have a save function, regardless of their length, but that's just my opinion. My fault for button mashing though. But it's a great game and I recommend it! I would definitely play it again in the future (and hopefully finish it). 


Sorry about that! I think it needs a save system too, but it was sadly outside the scope of a 6 week jam game.

If it helps there are key commands to skip levels. F2 to skip to next, but you will still need to pick up items.


RIP, that makes sense. Still a great game, though! Yeah, if you skip ahead then you'll probably have less items, so might as well replay it. I probably will soon. I'm not sure how the F2 thing works, though, since F2 is the decreasing volume button on the keyboard. Do you press Ctrl+F2 or something?