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Wait, are you telling me there really was a monster watching me, or? ;;;

I really love the visuals for this game, just the whole style is very pleasing. Kind of similar to Harvester and maybe Night of the Consumers. It's hard to see sometimes, and there aren't many things to do in the game itself. The rainbow tunnel is cute but tedious. I like the music. Overall I think it would be nice to see the game get expanded in the future, but it was enjoyable for the short amount of time it was worked on! I really like the whole concept.

Nice, aesthetic little game. Looking forward to the full version. I like that you can simply walk off the map if you want. The only thing I found scary was that, when standing in the trailer with (spoiler) many spiders in it, if you look through the window at the end (at the key), at the far right there seems to be a pair of glowing white eyes on a weird body looking thing. It was probably a car or something, but I stood there for a while thinking something might attack me. ;;; I really like the plot, the whole frog moonshine idea is cool. 

RIP, that makes sense. Still a great game, though! Yeah, if you skip ahead then you'll probably have less items, so might as well replay it. I probably will soon. I'm not sure how the F2 thing works, though, since F2 is the decreasing volume button on the keyboard. Do you press Ctrl+F2 or something? 

This game is so hard! It's supposed to be 20-40 minutes long but I spent probably an hour on it and was only halfway through it because I died so many times. It's very hard to fight the pigs. I have a tendency to button mash, so after dying at one point, I accidentally pressed the wrong key (Q?) and it restarted the whole game. This was very unfortunate given that there is no save function. I think it's important for all games to have a save function, regardless of their length, but that's just my opinion. My fault for button mashing though. But it's a great game and I recommend it! I would definitely play it again in the future (and hopefully finish it). 

Very scary, the only game to make me genuinely scream. I couldn't progress, though, because when I dropped certain items, they randomly vanished... as in, I couldn't find them anywhere. Weird glitch or something. Still a great game, though.

Thank you. I already have Direct Play enabled, though. :/ What is the difference between acknex.exe and bloodbath.exe? Whenever I click on bloodbath.exe, the computer makes a sound, but nothing opens. When I click on acknex.exe, I get the "Problem with WDL script" popup and then it closes down. My computer is updated. Power Drill Massacre works, but not this game, for some reason. 

Hello, whenever I try to open this game, I get an error message saying "Problem with WDL script" or something, what can I do to fix this?

(This review may contain spoilers)

Very much worth it, for the various games you get.
I played the story mode, which I found very enjoyable. It's funny how the cat is named Dodgeball. Kind of confused about the ending with the interrogation room/masked man. Here is how I liked the games:

Feed Me Billy - Probably my favorite, or second favorite. The music randomly becomes scary, despite the fact that you aren't being chased or anything, which I found unsettling. I should mention here (and this applies to other games, as well) that switching between objects is difficult and quite annoying. I'm aware you use the mouse wheel, but even when I'm not using the wheel, the objects will randomly change, and then I'll have to go back to the one I wanted. This happens again and again. Back to the game, though. I liked how the people try to run away after you shoot them. I'm curious to know more about the person who sent the killer notes through the mail, and who randomly appears at one point. And I want to learn more about the monster, too. 

The Riverside Incident - I found this game to be deeply unsettling. For some reason the sensitivity was automatically very low and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it. Moreover, you can't sprint (at least not that I know of), so it was very slow. My screen was also unusually dark. For reference, I skimmed through a playthrough of this game after playing it, and their screen was normal. The grainy camera graphics combined with this strange darkness/inability to make out objects far away made for a terrifying experience. I think I kept getting teleported? I didn't know what was happening most of the time because the graphics and motion were so off. I ended up in a room with a doll and the screen started descending to darkness. The forest scene came next, but because there was no light whatsoever (come to think of it, there was a flashlight option or something, but the light would never turn on when I pressed the button?), it took a while to figure out where to go. The ending was abrupt. Overall this game didn't make much sense to me, and I felt a sense of fear I don't think I've felt during any other game. A visceral terror. Because the flashlight didn't work, and I couldn't predict anything. 

Night Shift - Great game. I wish there were more convenience store games like this one. I don't really have any complaints. The death was very unexpected, because I was thinking I'd be killed in the bathroom and yet was killed elsewhere. Looking forward to playing Stay Out of the House (because the killer in this game is the same as the one in that game, I believe). 

Spiders - Pretty forgettable due to the fact that the controls were weird and I couldn't figure out what exactly I should do. The issue of switching between objects was especially prominent here, with the game going from one object to another as I was being killed by spiders. I didn't spend much time on this game, however, so I'll come back to it in the future. 

I love the cooking setting! I wish there were more games like this. I also love the old looking graphics. This game isn't very stressful in that nothing is chasing you and you (presumably?) have endless time to make the food. I was a bit confused on where the grill was and how to put a frozen patty on it, but I figured it out. I didn't notice the arrow in the beginning of the game during the driving scene, so I drove to the left of the building (the player's left) and it wouldn't let me turn around or anything. The car seems kind of unstable sometimes. My screen started lagging a bit once it transitioned from old graphics to more modern graphics. The ending was kind of disappointing, but I enjoyed the game in general. 

This is the best game and I'm obsessed with it. It took me hours to finally beat it, despite knowing what to do (throwing the boxes in their respective sections before starting to put something on a shelf). Rather than starting in the cleaning aisle like other people, I think it's best to start in the Halloween/DIY section. You need quick movements to be good at this game. Don't waste any time, and don't spend too long in the staff rooms. 

Notable glitches: If you press the wrong button while stocking something on a shelf, the box will fall in a lagging way, then when you pick it up and try to grab items from it, they won't appear. You have to restart the game. Sometimes when someone approaches me, the game will randomly glitch out and I'll be walking on the ceiling for a moment. There is of course the notorious glitch in which someone will try to tell you what they want but no text will appear. 

Intriguing, odd little game. Not very scary, but creepy, in a sense. The dialogue is important to appreciate the full experience, so read it every time you get on the island/leave. I'd be interested in knowing the full story of why this person decided to work at the light house, and why these strange things kept happening. The ending is alright. Overall I'd play it again, and I recommend it.