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Hi! I played your game as part of a stream of several games from the wholesome jam. Check it out! The environment is lovely and hopping everywhere as a round bird feels satisfying. When I played off-stream I got both boots early on which felt great, but then when I was streaming I had some real bad luck and got nothing but garbage at the start. Have you considered making the catches pseudo-random so players don't go too long on a garbage-streak? Other than that, as I mentioned in the stream the arrow which extends out to show the fishing power doesn't seem to correlate with where the bobber lands. which is a bit frustrating. But my goodness, when reeling in a fish, the music and particle effects and camera zoom make you feel absolutely incredible, you guys nailed that. Very well done! :)

glad you had fun! the chances of getting a fish actually improve the more junk you fish up as part of the whole not giving up thing. with each piece of junk, you clean up the pond more and more!

thank you for linking the clip too! it's really nice to see everyone play our game. 

you just missed the king fish in the water too! it's marked with a golden shadow


ah heck, I should not have given up!