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it's an absolute joy to see people playing our game, thank you for sharing! love how you reacted to pulling up a tire 

thank you! super glad to hear you enjoyed our silly bird fishing game! we're planning to try and fix some of those things reel soon!

thank you for linking the clip too! it's really nice to see everyone play our game. 

you just missed the king fish in the water too! it's marked with a golden shadow

glad you had fun! the chances of getting a fish actually improve the more junk you fish up as part of the whole not giving up thing. with each piece of junk, you clean up the pond more and more!

absolute joy as always!

really fun, cute and funny game! only thing I can really say is it'd be nice if the game were a little more colourful, such as having the explanation marks above the passanger's heads be a bright yellow or something. Took a little while to realise the first time playing but loved it

neat concept! it'd be nice to have a little time to get used to the controls before things turn too chaotic

fun idea! having a unique sound play for a certain type of problem could help tie this together

very cute

Thanks for the feedback. We planned to ease the player in more and balance better but development took longer than we thought and we're able to do everything we planned. Initially we were supposed to introduce each window gradually so the player got used to it but we couldn't get it going in time. At the very least we made sure to include sound effects and a pop-up to let the player know

Ah! Sorry to hear that,not sure why it might have issues booting on your machine. There's a gameplay video attached to the game's main page if you were still interested in seeing it.

Thank you for the feedback and for playing! We realised once we started making it how hard it was to balance everything and put it all together since it pretty much ended up as UI the game.

But hey it was a fun learning experience, I'm happy to hear people have played it

Thank you for playing!

Great design, very simple, easy to understand and difficult to master. Nice work!