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Hi! I played your game as part of a stream of several games from the wholesome jam. Check it out! I'm sure you've heard this from other people. but the game's whole concept is just really fun and silly. Is there a point to pooping? It doesn't seem like you need to poop to win, and yet it's just so fun to do. I'd love to see the house expanded, maybe with more HOO-MANS and more goals to work towards to really push players to think strategically about their actions, and extend the game's play time. Well done! :)

Thank you so much for playing it!!  There is a point to pooping; it takes the human the longest to clean up poop, so it's useful more in concept than in actual practice, haha.  The game definitely turned out easier than we thought it would be, but we ended up okay with that because it's just fun to run around as a chubby dog.  Those are great ideas if we ever wanted to push it to a longer version, thanks so much for your suggestions!