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is this game dead ? is there anyone still play this ?

Hi Jet,

I hope the game is not dead, and it seems that a few people are regularly coming to play or discovering the game :)

I sure am not dead, (interesting choice of word (x_x)⌒☆  ).

I have not been updating the game in September, for there is nothing major to push in an update, and I am focusing my efforts on trying to make and android-compatible version.

Since it is not a small task, and that I am not at all a developer, it might happen this year, or it might happen later :)

Is there anything you would like to see in an update in the meantime?

Have fun,


Hi jetdajet,

I thought you would like to know the Super-Duper-Mega-Update I was working on Idle Roboto is now available ;)

If you still have time to play, I really hope you will enjoy the additions I made to it, and especially the Challenges menu!

Have fun

yes me

You're in luck ;)

Deleted 1 year ago