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Ha! Busted. Glad someone recognized it! ;)

The emulators are still a bit of a problem, the sound thing drives me insane. Programmer doesn't even notice it. haha. The main issue right now is that there are more pressing things to work on. Hopefully down the line a bit we can give them a bit more love. Im not sure what the menu issue is, but I'll add it to the trello board to look at in the future. 
Glad you're digging it so far though!


I think its to do with the Room, the Arcade environment...I think its a muddled echo or reverb effect that the emulator sound is under,and the levels (Gain) is overloading perhaps,it has that repeating vibe to it. Maybe its the Bot thats walking the room? it seems small in there for that guy to be bashing around in the small room. Honestly though, for ME, the Emulators, ROMs and Quinns arcade is the point to booting up Low-Fi at the moment, I've walked around and seen the rest, but I Really like the VR space, the music, and being able to play the old games from when I was a kid in VR, I Play Low-Fi for the arcade for sure. Super diggin it Blair, just keep kickin ass buddy!