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Where have all the graphical options gone to? Under the tab at the front end all I find is AA options do I turn off the film grain and all that now?

I find the same thing on Rift S. The hand Gun is tilted Up slightly, and not aligned as it should be, and is in every other game I have.

Rad! Thanks dude! I'll check it out tonight and post up a clip on my Youtube to promo it a bit for ya! Looking forward to more more more.Any fix on the arcade/emulator audio repeat bug yet?

What does this mean? "For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\" for adding my own song I go there and then create a folder to hold the song files within the Low-Fi folder itself? Does it need a specific name convention to be found by the Radio in game and become a Station? What kind of files can be used?

I think its to do with the Room, the Arcade environment...I think its a muddled echo or reverb effect that the emulator sound is under,and the levels (Gain) is overloading perhaps,it has that repeating vibe to it. Maybe its the Bot thats walking the room? it seems small in there for that guy to be bashing around in the small room. Honestly though, for ME, the Emulators, ROMs and Quinns arcade is the point to booting up Low-Fi at the moment, I've walked around and seen the rest, but I Really like the VR space, the music, and being able to play the old games from when I was a kid in VR, I Play Low-Fi for the arcade for sure. Super diggin it Blair, just keep kickin ass buddy!

I wonder if there would be a way to allow the Game Emulation to happen across several machines in the arcade? or just One Rom Per machine? I"m finding that my games are not working correctly in a couple ways. If I click on a game Rom in the list at the Arcade or the Gameboy, thats not always the game that starts playing.The Sound is also an issue, all the Emulated games have a pulsing sound issue. Not sure why that is, but having Quinns is absolute Gold.I worked on Tron:Legacy, and its Insane to be able to go into the arcade in VR.Keep up the Great work, and please do let me know if you have a fix for my arcade problems pls!

Should I just install the new version over the old one? Or should the previous versions folder and .EXE be deleted prior to the new version installation? Thanks!

After a bit of poking at it, I've got it up and running. There's a pretty harsh sound glitch, but for the most part its up and running, Thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to playing oldies all night at the arcade!

Did you get yours to run? And if so, did you just install the entire folder of things at the provided link? It seems like it should be a lot less than that folder of stuff after extracting it all, unlike the GameBoy emulator, which was just a single .dll gets dropped into the Cores folder and youre good to go.I followed the Link you sent above, but it wasnt pointing to a file to DL.

Stoked to be supporting you and this game, Blair. I have a problem with the SNES Emulator tho, the link downloaded version x2002, and the GitHub took me to a full X2010 DL, not just the x2010 .dll, so SNES core isnt being recognized, GB is fine however. Do you have a link to the x2010 SNES core .dll you could send me pls? Clayfighters is awaiting my return! ;)