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Thought it was going to be pretty short, but it isn't, oh well it's good, interesting puzzle. Kevin makes me wants to punch him, Alice is good. My suggestions would probably adding some more audio to the game and more unique puzzles. Voice acting lovely btw~~~

Hope it turns out to be a good visual novel game.

Heya, thanks for giving it a go and streaming it--I really appreciate it!

I'll be honest, I thought it WAS a short game when I was making it, hence the 5-10 minute estimate on my end, haha. I was quite surprised to see your video was an hour long! I guess there's more meat to it than I thought, huh? : P

Thank you for your kind words, too! If I were to make a full game of it, sound effects and more varied puzzles would certainly be a large priority. I already have quite a lot of fun ideas I've been jotting down just in case I get the chance to pursue things further.