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For the pixel art I used Photoshop and for the models i used Blender. Megaman Legends actually was one of the biggest artstyle inspirations for the game.

I will probably work on a similar game in the future with better and more fine tuned mechanics, and music made especially for the game, but right now I will just let the game be as it is.

The endings are effected just by the bossfights, the bosses have a bar for health and a bar for endurance, if you beat the first boss by filling up their endurance bar you pretty much get the good ending. If you defeat the first boss by draining their health you can get the middle or bad ending depending on how you deal with the second boss in the same manner.

For the 0 kills 0 death run you cant kill the bosses except the secret boss (the one without the endurance bar) becouse he doesnt count as a human.

Thank you a lot this was such a sweet comment!!


Yeah of course, I really enjoyed the game. I have two questions? Where is the big Maneki statue and how can I complete the 8th VR mission? I wasn't able to access it after finishing the 7th VR mission.


the big Maneki statue is behind a fake door in the basement in level 2. To unlock the 8th VR mission you have to beat every boss at least ones.