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How did you make that 3D model? Did you use Block Bench? It looks awesome.

Is this rom compatible with the original gameboy dmg or is it only gameboy color?

I did not want to imagine what would have happened if I didn't get Froggy out of the pot.

I know I might be a bit too late but I am unable to full screen the entire game here. It gives me a strange black border on the right side. Any ideas if I can fix this manually?

Any and all information would be appreciated! Thank you. I really love this series.

Yeah of course, I really enjoyed the game. I have two questions? Where is the big Maneki statue and how can I complete the 8th VR mission? I wasn't able to access it after finishing the 7th VR mission.

I tried out this game and was amazed by the graphics.

What kind of program did you use to make such clean pixel art on polygon models? It reminds me of Megaman Legends with its design.

I can tell by the cyberpunk aesthetic you are going for. Love the designs and models. Especially the main character himself. The mask is good.

I was a bit sad to hear that this game won't be getting anymore updates since it was just a birthday present (I bet your friend was pleasantly surprised by it).

I highly recommend you work on a full release perhaps? There's a lot of things that are good here but also need improvement like the sneaking and combat mechanics. 

I somehow got the good ending without understanding how exactly does the good/bad choices work? What causes a good or bad ending to happen? Please do tell.

I also would like to know how to unlock the extras? You said the third skin is unlocked by getting a 0 kills 0 deaths run? Does that mean you cannot kill the bosses?

Overall I was really pleased by the game. I hope to see more future works like this.

All good, pop culture references aside. This game is vibing. Love the art direction.


Couldn't make it pass the second puzzle even though I knew what the solution is. Not going to say here since I don't want to give out spoilers. I wasn't able to input the shape of the Sun so that the game could allow me to progress.

Thank you very much! How much would both versions cost?

Hello there, I just saw this game and would love to give it a try but I was wondering if it is still in development?

This game needs to be a full on simulator with much more options. I loved it so much. I hope to see more games from you in the future.

Ah I see, I really hope this series takes off. This seems like a very inhuman and interesting concept. Also the main character looks like if a Witch Doctor and a Terminator was combined.

Well I don't know why you needed to say that in a different language but it wasn't there. Controls just said q/e are used to switch weapons. 

Its a bit confusing at first if you aren't given the right instructions but I would at least update this. Its a solid game, its just that the instructions are deceiving.

Yeah, just figured out that the key "e" is used to open doors. That wasn't mentioned in the key controls. 

I got stuck on the second level, I wasn't able to go anywhere? What am I supposed to do