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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

sadly no

thank you!! and also have fun!! apparently it won't show the specific game as far as the creator of the website said so you should be fine

thank you!! hope you reupload your let's play soon!!

Thank you so much!! It was made with a shader that i created in shader forge within unity 2017. which is basically a shader graph editor for old unity versions. I talked a bit about the shader in my devlog so you might be able to recreate it in shader graph! 

I have a lot of issues with the shader that i fixed or changed for an upcoming game!!

Thank you so much for the praise in the video!! I would like to make a similar and definitely longer game soon!!

This game nails the n64 art style and gave me huge Soul Reaver vibes. I love the small touches like the flat Skybox and the perfect use of fog depending on the area.

Slowly upgrading your character and learning new moves to get the spirits you always could see but never could get to felt incredibly rewarding!
I was also stunned by how well I could Remember where I was. Creating a Mental Map was quite easy because every area is unique and recognizable.

The only thing I found a bit confusing was that Underwater Bar still showed up after getting the Infinite Air Upgrade.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time with this game and I can only recommend it!!

Thank you so much!!! Hope you will enjoy my next one too!!!

Thank you!! I thought about expanding the world for a while now but didn't get to that yet!

Thank you so much!! That's so nice of you to say I'm glad it actually scared you!! I want to make a similar game soonish!

Thank you for one of the sweetest comments I probably ever got! I hope to make a game in a similar style in the future! Thank you so much for the compliments and high praise!!!

Thank you so much!! I want to make a similar game in the near future!

Thank you for the nice words!! Your video was very entertaining and pleasant!

You actually feel so restricted by the controls that it adds so much to the hopelessness! The music and stormy sound set the mood perfectly and the zoom-out at the end where the sound got so much louder ended this experience on a high note. It says so much with so little that I really think it's a perfectly made execution of your idea! I can only recommend it!!

The visuals and overall feel of the game gave me a very nostalgic early 2000s vibe, almost like a 3d reimagining of Sparkster combined with a sonic adventure game inside of a traditional JRPG World.

The Character Creator was one of the weirdest but most interesting ones I have ever seen! 

I found it weird that the camera could be moved without limitation around the x-axis I don't know if that was intentional or not but just wanted to mention that.

The Dash feels absolutely incredible, it's so fun to move around the world with it that I wish more games had that exact movement mechanic and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how it was programmed.

The Combat felt off at first but in combination with the dash made it so much like a cat and mouse game where you dash to avoid an attack and right after that try to dash in to attack the enemy.  Also bumping the enemies into lava feels rewarding and cathartic, making me wish there was a small mode where you were in a ring of some sort with the goal to Bump an enemy into the edge before they bump you into it. 

The AI of the enemies were very well programmed, it must have taken days to make them safe themselves in the air from falling into the lava I just wish there would be more feedback for if you get hit or hit an enemy (like a freezeframe or a small screen shake) because right now I would only notice if I did get hit if I checked up on my health number.

Exploring the almost Dark Souls like World felt incredible, especially trying to find a way to get a chest on a hill for example, or seeing where you started your journey in the distance. 

I hope more people play this because it is without a doubt one of the more unique games I have played and I can't wait what you and your friends are putting out next!!

Thank you!!!  should be this one, hope that helped!

Thank you so much for enjoying the game and for the honest and positive feedback!! I really enjoyed your well-edited short video!!


Thank you!!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for the compliments!! Glad you enjoyed it!

of course! I hope the reply isn't too late.


Thank you for the high praise!!

The game itself is finished as is but i toyed around with making a sequel or a totally new game in a similar style (gameplay and aestatically wise)

Thank you so much, it's always such a huge compliment when people say that it feels like something from Junji Ito, and I also love that you are too scared to play it yourself, that is such high praise you have no idea!!!
Also, when I started reading this, I thought this was going to be some hate comment, but I was pleasantly surprised and had a huge grin at the end!

thank you so much for the kind words in your video and for playing through the game twice!! Glad you enjoyed the FPS skin!!

thank you so so much for all the compliments!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed my game, really made my day!!

thank you!!!

wait does it work??? 

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for letting me know!! I now changed every song in the Linux version from an mp3 file to a wav file so I hope it works now!!

Dokuro chan wasn't really an inspiration and I sadly never watched that anime. The game was Inspired by a Famicase Cartridge from the artist Chiquiwawi and a lot of other works by the artist.  So the original Angel and Devil design arent by me. (I would love if the artist made a plush or merch in general from those designs!) Thank you so much for all the compliments the last few days and thank you so much for playing through my games!! Hope you will enjoy my next project as well!

God this is so much at once that I don't even know how to reply?? Thank you so much for all the compliments!! I love world of horror I think it does Junji ito's style as a game perfectly! I want to make a new short horror game in a similar art style in the near future but right now I'm already working on another project! and now I also have to check out the faith trilogy it looks really interesting!

I only played the 2 ps1 games but I need to play Wrath of heaven now! Thank you for the recommendation and the kind words!!!

You don't know how much this means to me! Thank you so much! 

Which Tenchu game did you play? I like Tenchu 1 but absolutely LOVE Tenchu 2

Thank you so much!! Gotta say you have a fantastic voice and your playthrough was really fun!!

thank you!!

Whoops my bad. I added an Any% categorie!