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Thank you so much for the nice words and comparison!!! I actually thought about making my next game in the same style but with the color blue!

Thank you!! Hope your eyes recover!

yup, Unity 2017.4.13 to be specific

I want to create a much longer Game in a similar look in the near future! It probably won't have the same setting or the same monster but will hopefully get the same or at least a similar vibe across!

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It has only one but it's more of a sound jumpscare than a face shoving itself into the camera jumpscare. The game is more about creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. 

As long as you keep the sound low enough in the options menu or in-game by pressing ESC I think you should be fine!

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it! I thought about giving the bosses health bars and if it would even be necessary but I might actually add some!

Thanks! Hope this eye of yours is doing good

Thank you! I would love to revisit this kind of shading for a future and much longer horror game!!

Thank you so much for the nice words and that you enjoyed it so much!!! I really didn't want to add jumpscares that feel unnecessary and without a purpose. I rather wanted to create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Thank you so much I'm glad it scared you and that you enjoyed the little nod I put in!!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for the compliments!! Your Commentary was also extremely inciteful and will hopefully help me improve the game in small ways I didn't think of before so thank you so much!!

Thank you for the compliments!! Im currently working on the combat system because it is very underdevelopt!

Thank you!! and also thank you for the nice review!!

Thank you so much! It made me pretty happy that you watched and enjoyed the devlog!!

Thank you for also checking out Gregore!! If I would make this game today a lot of things would be very different but I'm still super happy with this one so thank you so much for enjoying it!!

Thank you so much!! Gonna need to play Ape Escape! I don't think I will make this a full game but I would like to add at least one level and definitely a boss fight!

My god you are right!!!

This was a fantastic video!! I loved this!

Oh, you are correct didn't even think of that! thank you for letting me know!!! Gonna experiment a bit and see if I get a better result or not!!

Thank you so so much for the nice compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much and thank you for the 5 stars!!!
I'm a bit confused what you mean with the jump, so if you want to explain it further  I would greatly appreciate it so I can improve the jump in a future update but if not that would be also fine!!

Thank you!!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!!


Jesus christ what a speedrun!!

Sadly not I got stuck at the second level because I used the feather jump wrongly

thank you!!

Really liked the Bibel accurate Angel Design in the beginning and the beginning cutscene gave me the vibes of an old game boy advance game!

Honestly, I would love to add something like a boss or a bigger level!

Thank you so so much! I definitely want to polish the combat, I'm thinking of adding a block or something along those lines!

I Loved the pixel art and the original Famicase fits so much with a Rythem game!!! I wish I didn't suck at Rythem games to see the ending!

Omg have to check out your version!!!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the praise in your comment and your video!!! I planned on making multiple endings but chose not to at the end. I would love to make a similar game or some sort of continuation in the future!!

Thank you for the compliments in your video! I really enjoyed how much my game got to you!! Thank you for playing!

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Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!