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Thank you for the kind words!

I'm not sure if it's the marketing department me failing, the game being too expensive, the economic meltdown hitting my audience hard or the game simply not being brilliant enough compared to competitors. But, in any case, the truth is that other games still seem to sell alright while Rose Seed Replica didn't, so I guess I must have failed one way or the other.

But it happens, and I'm not letting it discourage me. I'm excited to do some real development on my next game already after all those months of testing and marketing. It'll still take a while, but I'll run a Kickstarter campaign once I have something nice to show off. It's surely going to take a lot to convince people that I can make the game happen since I'm still not quite out of the nobody zone, but having at least madeone complete game will hopefully help a bit.

Oh, and I guess I can appear pretty harsh on myself, but I prefer to think that it's better to err on that side than to learn nothing from my mistakes. It's a highly competitive business environment, after all, so taking every opportunity to learn and become better at this is important if I want to succeed.