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Thank you for giving it a try! Yeah, the difficulty of some of the levels is a bit weird, but that's game jam quality there. I made a video showing how to finish the level if you're interested. 🙂


I would certainly like to try to fix this, but so far I'm not sure what is exactly happening and why. It's the first time I'm hearing about this bug.

Could you perhaps send me a screenshot of the bug and maybe some details about your operating system, graphics card, graphics drivers and such. You can e-mail them to me at support at

Thank you for letting me know about this, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Oh, I see. Then it must have just been me not being good at predicting where the boats are going. And, well, maybe also getting antsy because of the urge to chase bigger boats than I should. 😅

A lovely, romantic, emotional story with some nice twist. I can easily relate even though I'm more of a wlw person. Romance is the same on the other sides of the gender spectrum and, uh, planes of existence too, after all. Sweet!

I... didn't expect it to get this dark this quickly, especially since the player character is a light bulb. Oh my, the atmosphere is definitely there, and I'm really curious where this is going!

It's kind of hard to rate this at this point, but I think I see what the concept is based on the game page. A tricky weapon like this could definitely be a lot of fun to use, and I like the art style of the graphics showcased on the game page too. It could be the start of a really fun game.

It was a fun read. I quite like the art style and the personalities of the birds, as well as the underlying social commentary.

I like the idea and the gameplay in the fundamental level. It's fun to free people from the enemy ships and upgrade your own ship. After figuring out what to do and getting over the controls, I found it quite a bit of to play this.

My two qualms are indeed the controls and the enemy ships being hard to chase due to them being so fast. Being able to play with keyboard or gamepad only would have been great instead of having to click the icons on the screen. Artificially making the enemy ships slower than the player's ship would have been nice too.

But, well, I know fully well how hard it is to make 3D games, nevermind in two weeks, so in that respect this is quite a good game. Add a fancy water shader, character animations, some piratey music and... Yeah, doing all that solo in such a short time is a really, really tall order, so what you have done is already a huge a achievement!

An absolutely wonderful game that seamlessly intertwines great gameplay with a surprisingly moving story. I found the puzzles quite challenging, but with a hefty amount of trial and error, I managed to solve them. But that's a very minor qualm. Overall, this game is really, really polished with top-notch presentation and mood. Sweet!

Adorable with pretty graphics, chill music and good controls. I had trouble understanding which way the doors worked and where they were taking me, but this might just be my phenomenal ability to get lost both in real life and in simplest of games. But that aside, this really was a sweet little game. I had fun playing!

Thank you for giving it a try and bearing with me while I was trying to figure out how to get it to work for you! Agreed, the levels abusing the key might be a bit too extreme. Only so much time to figure out what kind of levels I should have design. 😅

Thank you! 🙂

I wish I could make a Mac version somehow, but sadly I don't have a Mac and, well, the current financial situation is what it is, so I'm afraid that it won't happen in the foreseeable future. Sorry!

Yeah, the controls are a bit wacky. It's a bit more bearable with a gamepad, though not that much. But it's not as bad as the original at least!

I guess it's a bit hard to tell, but you don't actually need to look at Skye. Even when the game asks if you'd like to, you don't have to. The dialogue will be a bit different if don't, but not in a punishing way. The only punishment is that you can't see her reactions if you never look at her. :3

I'm glad you liked this cabin scene. It was fun to make. :)

Yeah, it's kind of intended because I didn't have time to create a proper ending back when I made the game for the game jam. That might change somewhat soon, though, because I have actually been working on a remake of this game lately... :)

Thank you! Even though I'm already busy working on my next game, I'm committed to fixing any serious bugs that people find. I wish there weren't bugs to being with, as I put a lot of effort into testing the game thoroughly, but I guess it can't be helped. All the branching and other subtleties just made the game so nightmarish to test.

I don't know for sure since I never wrote an extensive enough design document for the game. If I had to give a wild guess, I'd say it'd be maybe 2 years worth of work if done the way I originally planned, with multiple romances, more gameplay, nice graphics and everything. Perhaps it'd be possible to make a more lite version in a shorter time, but I don't really know what it'd look like.

Thank you for the kind words!

I'm not sure if it's the marketing department me failing, the game being too expensive, the economic meltdown hitting my audience hard or the game simply not being brilliant enough compared to competitors. But, in any case, the truth is that other games still seem to sell alright while Rose Seed Replica didn't, so I guess I must have failed one way or the other.

But it happens, and I'm not letting it discourage me. I'm excited to do some real development on my next game already after all those months of testing and marketing. It'll still take a while, but I'll run a Kickstarter campaign once I have something nice to show off. It's surely going to take a lot to convince people that I can make the game happen since I'm still not quite out of the nobody zone, but having at least madeone complete game will hopefully help a bit.

Oh, and I guess I can appear pretty harsh on myself, but I prefer to think that it's better to err on that side than to learn nothing from my mistakes. It's a highly competitive business environment, after all, so taking every opportunity to learn and become better at this is important if I want to succeed.
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I too still like the premise and the mood a lot, and it's still a game that I'd like to make. However, in terms of genre and gameplay, it would probably be even more risky than Rose Seed Replica was, so it'll have to wait until I'm better off financially.

Edit: Oh, and it's actually a bit more than the intro text too, but so far I have only ever heard of one player who played it long enough to find the upgrades and see the extra bits of dialogue. But, yeah, it's still not much more than the intro, I guess.

Thank you for the thorough reports! I got the save files downloaded, so this works too. I might delete the post in a couple of days so that other players won't get spoiled, but I'm really thankful about you reporting all of these nevertheless! I'll hopefully have a fix ready in a day or two.


This sounds like a bug. Could you e-mail your save file to me,, so that I could take a closer look and fix the issue? Save files can be found under the Users folder at "Saved Games/Rose Seed Replica/" in Windows or "~/.local/share/Rose Seed Replica/" in Linux. I'm really sorry for this!


It's a red dwarf star. They talk about it a little bit in some of the routes,
but not really in the one that people most commonly get on the first playthrough.

And, yep, I do know about the Ship of Theseus.

Thank you for your comment! The game is indeed more or less coded from scratch. More or less because it does use some libraries to take care of low level graphics and audio stuff.

It's a bit of a weird game in terms of genre and gameplay, so no framework really felt like a really good match for it. That's more or less why it ended up like this. If I had made a pure VN, no doubt I'd have gone for Ren'Py.

I'm afraid that the game probably won't run on FreeBSD because one of the libraries it uses (LibGDX) apparently doesn't support it. That's a bummer since the game code itself should work if it weren't for that.

Thank you for your interest and the kind words! I hope you enjoy the game.

Ooh! Thank you so much!

If Twitter is no go, you can send your fan art to me via:
 * Discord: LezLiz#0863
 * E-mail:

If you'd like me to post your fan art on my Twitter, I absolutely need to know how to credit you! That means:
 * The name or pseudonym with which I should refer to you.
 * Your pronoun if you'd like me to refer to you with one.
 * Link to your piece of art if you have posted it online somewhere.
 * Link to where ever people can best find you and your art online, if any.

Sorry that I'm so pedantic about this, but this is the first time anyone has sent me fan art, and I really want to do this the right way! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)

Thank you for giving it a try!

Thank you! When I came up with it, I was quite concerned about whether it'd start to feel annoying, so it's quite a relief that people seem to like it.

Hehe, even if you did, it happens to the best of us. Rumors have it that some even try to do it on purpose. But, either way, thank you for giving the game a try!

It was fun! Perhaps a bit edgy for my taste, but fun nevertheless. But, well, I'm a sucker for this kind of old school games, as well as for silly flaming lesbians. :P

Nice! The game does really good job at giving you a sense of community. It's really well done, especially considering how much work 3D games can be. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Hi, thank you for giving the game a try!

You can't quite reach her yet. I wanted to make it so that you could, but it was way more work than I could handle in this little time. 😅

You can find 4 items that progress the story a bit, though. The first one is past that small patch of swamp next to the building kind of thing.

But, yeah, the map is just way too empty at the moment, and the items are in unintuitive places, so exploration feels pretty awkward. 😅

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for letting me know! Did you download the game as a zip and double click the exe, or did you install it with the Itch client? I'll try to come up with something either way, but it might help a bit to know.