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Hi again! Thanks for the system specs (you may want to edit out the UUID and serial number as that could end up being personally identifying). Unfortunately, that log does not appear to be from a play session where a crash occurred. The game was quit from the main menu after saving.

If you can send me a copy of a log from a play session where a crash has occurred via email as requested, then I'll be able to look into it for you and correspond to identify possible solutions.


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This email address didn't work. (nevermind I found out that it is bush not brush) I want to send a .txt of a crash log that appeared after Hive Time crashed. (It actually crashed 2 times). It was made by Apple software, not by Hive Time itself. (Apple makes a crash log after an application crashes)

I've received those and have been looking into it. I sent a reply requesting some extra information. Hope fully we'll be able to work out what's going on!

Changing graphic settings worked in stopping the crashes.

In this particular case, crash reports indicated that crashes were occurring inside the graphics driver. This is not likely to be a broadly applicable workaround.