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I really liked playing and got 3rd place (at the time of this comment!). I liked the power-up aspect at the end of each level but even though I always picked bullet speed, I kept wishing I could shoot more bullets faster.  I also think the camera drag made it more difficult to properly dodge the bullets sometimes, or maybe I'm not not very good at shmups :)

I checked the github link but the repo was empty, but I'd definitely love to check out the source, especially the leaderboard stuff. A few months ago I played around with a really simple python flask approach, but it never really left the 'toy' phase. 

Great entry

Seems like you were taking the wrong power-up all the time then... 😅Bullet speed is their movement speed, fire rate is what you were looking for. Hmm the camera and dodging thing might be right. Bullet hells usually do have fixed cameras. 🤔

Oh, looks like I had some weird git & ssl issue and the code wasn't pushed to remote at all. Now it's there, thanks for the info!

And thanks for playing! ❤️

doh! I'll try again and use the correct power-up :)