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I am hard stuck in Area III. Can't get enough flower. Any advice? 

I love the game, the fact that you can play it in any computer is awesome. 


I need help with stage III

You don't need to burn a very big forest, but a forest with loooong frontiers to prairies. So try to organise the that on stage 1.

Also I try tp keep most of the initial trees out of the forest, so I can grow many flowers between them

Good advice.

You can also burn a huge forest and rebuild some of the toxin scrubbers. Then you can plant some chunks of forest and put lots of greenery in between.

I found area III harder than area IV. After I got past the flowers, I failed the stage twice because I could not get the weather going. The steam generators need a 2x2 space of water with power and most of the good spots need some channels for the water and then you need to build power on top of that. This is really expensive on top of the already expensive steam engines.

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Yes! Those steam engines are difficult to place. When I notice I need a 2x2 place of water was a mindblow. Now I always try to make same square water in every corner


Pro tip, you can also put them on marshlands or whatever the biome is called that I forgot. At least I was able to do it like that.

You can't build wetlands in stage 3.

Thanks man. I will try that.