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Any plans to release a sample project that includes some example maps made with your tileset?


The screenshots here on the store page are actual maps we made with the tilesets. 

I'm not sure if we can release a sample project with them, as some people might try to rip the assets from it (not you, but others).

Would you like us to post the actual tilesets on the page with watermarks, would that work for you??


Oh, I didn't mean a free project. I meant one for people who pay. So that you can have the same maps from the screenshots.


Sure!  Give me a few days


Thank you. Very much.

It automatically makes any tileset so much more attractive. Especially if the creator takes care of setting the density of tiles and all that stuff. 

I can guarantee this will get you sales since for some reason it's a rare thing for people who sell tilesets to do this.

Not everyone is especially creatively gifted with building maps and so having a tileset that already has maps built for it gives you some ideas. It makes it easier for you to create your own maps.


Thanks!  I appreciate your feedback, that is good to know!  :)