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Would you mind tweaking the coin and health level up behavior to not show up if you're at max health or have a certain number of coins?

Getting 3 options per level up means it reduces your chances of finding something you want.

I'd like the health more if it gave you extra maximum health when you're already at full, or it trickles over. Does it do that already? I only bought some when I was at 4 HP.

To get the most out of your elemental arrows now, you'll want to focus on turning all the arrows you have into elemental ones first, and then go for the upgrades. 

I actually like this system more. You have guaranteed effects vs a % chance.

For the elements, anyways. Is the maximum you can get for multishot +2 arrows now? I'm thinking, unless you add a piercing power up that makes arrows continue to go through enemies, you'd be better off skipping multi shot for an elemental arrow.

Because they apparently do not stock. You can't multishot acid arrows for example.

Two arrows simply kill potentially two enemies, but are more likely to have one or both of them miss. 

A pool of acid, ice, or a fire effect keeps providing benefits. If you filled up your quiver with acid arrows, you could count on frequent pools of acid to help clear out enemies. 

I suppose the multishot would balance out if they fused together at some point, and you could shoot more than +3 arrows.

But the coins and health options reduce your chances of finding more elements, especially since buying an element means you now can buy elemental power ups for that element.

Actually, how about letting us spend coins for a reroll? It gives them another use. Or you could create reroll tokens and put them on enemies. 

So this update is much harder, mainly because bad RNG could easily screw you.

My first 5 level ups had health and coins. I'd have gotten farther if I got the strong options from the start. 

Your damage is way slower, and the enemy's escalating means you spend a lot more time shooting them. They end up outpacing you unless you can put together a good build. 

So I suppose your list of priorities are to pick an arrow power up. Exclusively purchase that one. Skip level ups unless they raise your damage or let you buy the power up you want, and then you hunt until you're able to get setup.

The damage over time effect of ice makes it interesting. That's a nice change.

This system of each arrow having an element to it could lead to future special arrow types, though. That would add a whole new level of complexity. 

Like if you purchased a fire arrow and then bought acid on that slot. What if it created a stronger, corrosive fire?

Or buying acid and then fire means the acid pools will set people on fire and also melt them.

Well, a tower is a guy who keeps shooting or providing a benefit simply for existing. A trap would require maintenance. If you place a tower in the right spot, he can keep shooting people and won't get into trouble unless an enemy bumps into him while walking towards you.

If you're running, and you drop down a tower, he's going to get shredded before he even gets off a shot. The thing about the towers is that they don't have a very far detection range. The enemy has to be within a few spaces of them before they can see them, and by then it's usually too late.

A trap would cause damage to an enemy, but then require you to reset it. You could walk over it to fix it. Or dismantle it to reclaim your coin.

There could be interactions between traps and towers, with a tower who resets traps.

A bit of a shame about the fireball explosions. Thought that was 100% intentional.

The spread power up is good. It's interesting that firing speed and arrow speed are two different stats.

I like the update. Have you considered traps as a mechanic? Reusable, resettable traps you can plop down? Could be a nice alternative to the player spending their gold on a tower.

Pit traps, bombs, glue traps. Maybe walking over one would reset it? It's a more active mechanic than the set and forget of a tower, but the traps would be consistent if you can have the enemies step into one.

The other thing about the tower system is that you could assign a feature to them that disables enemy spawns near them.

The main difficulty in this game is of learning where you need to stand. If you stand in the same place, the enemies will spawn in a predictable manner. If you move around a lot, enemies can spawn directly on top of your towers, or right in front of them inside your lines.

They're programmed to appear outside of your line of sight, so you can get weirdness if you run out to collect points and then walk back to find they appeared and wrecked all of your guys.

Could it be a thing that they all appear from the edge of the map and then gradually move towards your position? Then the defense aspect would always be consistent.

You could mix in some flying enemies who can soar over obstacles to keep up a steady amount of pressure on the player.

And add a climbing feature to some enemies. I think it's really cool how they can get stuck on things, but you wouldn't have to worry about pathfinding as much if they could group up and then climb over each other's heads to get over something.

As far as the power ups go, I think they're balanced. I personally like the one that lowers your spread. Being able to effectively snipe enemies and make a wide stream of arrows hit where you want them to be a highly useful tool.

And it apparently upgrades your speed, too? I assume this is the speed that the arrow travels? It doesn't seem to increase firing speed like the shoot power up does.

The only one that feels like an oddball to me is ice, because the others all have an effect that kills. Fire creates massive explosions. Acid was so powerful you had to make it work a limited number of times. 

And then we've got ice. Perhaps it could apply a frost bite effect that makes enemies unable to attack until they warm up? That's something an ice specialist would love to have. It means they have more chances to protect the portal. The guys can't hurt it if they're still chilled and are blue.

Thanks again for the update. This is my most anticipated game, and I'm always happy to play it.

This is pretty good for just 48 hours. Will you expand this?

I played again as the archer and found the game pretty fun. The defense stat is probably one of the better ones in this game. It's much easier to protect yourself from damage, vs deal enough damage to kill everyone.

I'm thinking it's probably the key to surviving in the long term.

I felt the game could really use some form of ability to draw in pickups. Maybe none of the characters I played had one?

I like your ad system that lets people play characters they haven't unlocked yet. This is creative.

Yeah, this is a good game.

The presentation on this game is off the charts. You've got a little video playing on the menu? That's amazing. Kudos for that.

So I played as a paladin and my hammer has shotgun sounds? It's a pretty loud sound effect. Am I meant to be shooting people? Well, maybe this class is a WIP.

It's a bit unclear how you attack, too. I realized after playing that you just kinda wander around and this is an auto attacker game.

I like the animations. The enemies have clean attack frames.

We should really get a reward for picking up a potion when at full health. A damage boost, perhaps? Extra temporary health that's subtracted before our actual health, maybe.

A potion you accidentally collect is wasted otherwise.

It would be nice to have indications of which abilities are skills and which are upgrades.

While playing the Paladin, I got to level 18, but then the game crashed. This was the error message.

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds


















































You're welcome. You've got a concept nobody's ever done before. This is a brilliant take on the genre. It's very exciting.

As you know, Vampire Survivors has different ways of implementing stuff like attracting coins and exp that's on the ground. In that game, you just walk over the orb power up, and it sucks everything up. Or you buy the item that makes you attract stuff.

Since you seem to be using an alternate upgrade scheme, you could attach these abilities to towers. 

Like having a very fast thief who goes and collects stuff for you. They'll run over EXP and keep a portion to upgrade themselves, and the rest goes to you. Coins too.

Your tower system could let you achieve many of the common effects for this genre in ways that haven't been done before.  In ways that fit the identity of your game and the universe it takes place in.

Also, the mere fact that you actually have teammates in a genre where it's one against endless waves of enemies is astonishing.

Well, you could spawn more bosses who would heavily encourage the use of these towers. The AI could make them always prioritize a tower first over chasing you.

There could be optional treasure caches where you rob the evil wizard's coffers to get more tower guys. They spawn on the map, and it's a handful of strong guys defending them. They drop coins.

It gives the player the choice of hunting down the obelisks or building up their defenses. It seems the longer the game goes on, the bigger the waves become? So there's a reason to try to finish things quickly.

The towers could patrol an area or be set to follow the player, or chase down and engage enemies within their range.

IE, you drop a knight, and he'll step into the melee to scrap with some imps. Perhaps his special ability enables him to body block people, so up to 5 imps are stuck on him and can't progress.

Then you're looking at an army simulator where you can respawn your guys when they die.

That's a genius idea, by the way. I love the fact that the coins are refunded when your guys die. It makes the tower system not frustrating at all, and you're free to create strategies. To plan. To make mistakes.

And in the future, you could make a boss who swallows towers when he or she defeats them, so that the coin disappears until the boss is killed. It would keep the player from just repeatedly using them over and over again.

There's also the idea of adding in synergies.

Like if firing an arrow at a knight meant you could bounce it off his shield, and then it'll ricochet into a different direction. Firing an arrow at a wizard's fireball will create a flaming, exploding arrow.

The player gets some tangible bonuses for using the towers and is encouraged to create and use them.

And then you could have another option that lets you sacrifice coins for EXP. So if someone wants to, they could get more personal power and forego towers. It creates an alternate route and play style. 

Likewise, if you had a monster tamer character or mechanic. If you could drop coins and non-boss enemies walk over them, then maybe they become your towers.

The monsters could have their own advantages that put them above usual towers, but maybe the coins don't come back when the monster dies. Possibly it doesn't need a drawback at all? Potentially, it's better as a character class option, and that class has no access to normal towers.

You could also have upgrading towers as an option. The tower gains EXP just like you do, and they'll walk over and collect points. Then they grow stronger.

If you made a cleric or paladin main character, they could have more interactions with the towers via buffing and healing them. Some of their upgrades could focus on improving allies and making them harder to kill and thus ensuring they can survive long enough to upgrade.

Having played more, I can say I like your tower system. The guys are pretty useless unless there's a lot of them, which is probably the point. They're just meant to cover up your openings. 

They're a good addition because they make other kinds of builds viable. I think I like this a bit more than your other game. It's an incredibly fun game.

Having completed the game, the one thing I'd like is a bit of a grace period after activating the final tower.

A bunch of enemies spawned on top of me and started walking towards the portal. Before that, the enemies had managed to spawn and reach the portal before I got to it.

I think I completed the game after activating the towers 4 times.

There could be an arrow pointing to the portal or a 15-30 second grace period to help you reach it in time.

It would also be nice if the game told you what happened when you failed.

I got careless with clearing out enemies, and they touched the portal, and then the screen goes back to how it was before. Perhaps the game could tell you what you did wrong when you fail? So you know that it's giving you a chance to try again, and the portal getting touched isn't game over.

My favorite part is that the upgrades all feel like logical progressions. It matches your other game. We can assume that Elves simply gain power when they slay enough enemies and collect experience/gems. 

And this allows them to evolve in a way. Everything the elf heroine does in the game is an expansion of something she can already do. 

It gives you room to add new characters and make all of them actually play differently. Someone doesn't just choose a character that has a good bonus and then play the same build.

They pick a character class. You've managed to take the Survivors genre and do something different.

This game is super fun. I like it because I like Vampire Survivors, Pixel Survivors, and Brotato.

You got the difficulty right. I enjoy the variety of options. This game is different from the ones I previously mentioned because you focused on upgrading the character's base capabilities rather than adding on new gimmicks.

I'm very excited to see what happens next.

One issue I found is that the sound effects can overlap and become very loud. I shot like 4 imps at once and their death sound was very loud.

This game has good music too. It reminds me of Final Fantasy.

I love the mouse mode. It makes this game much more fun and easy to replay. You don't have to think as much or let user error kill your runs.

Have you considered giving manual mode a slight speed bonus to encourage people to use it? Making your minions move quicker while on it.

It rewards the difficulty of aiming the snake, and the mouse mode allows perfect precision.

This is a great game, and I'm looking forward to the updates. It provides a very fun experience.

Are there any plans to add benefits to having extra mana in your mana network?

If you wear a mage's hood or have the frog totem relic, they don't provide any benefits on turn 1.

Perhaps they could supercharge your stones and give them an extra charge if they try to restore an already full stone? Then hyper charging mana becomes part of a strategy, rather than you min maxing and only carrying as much restoration as you need.

Something that would help is if you could unlock more slots to select minions. Or select a minion as your favorite so you get it more often in the shop.

Like if you could spend cash to upgrade your shop and with it get access to better minions more often. Or to get two rows of minions, so you buy the upgrade and see 8 guys instead of 4.

If I want to do a themed build, I have to restart around the stage where you have treasure chests start to spawn because going further and saving my cash just means I'll get obliterated and lose.

The ideal strategy is when your favored minion both shows up, and you have enough cash to buy them.

The fact that the price increases by 1 to reroll, and it never goes down again means you should reroll a few times and then never again, as it's always worth it to simply buy another minion over trying to get a specific one. If you've survived long enough to have enough cash to keep rerolling, you might as well keep doing what you're doing.

Perhaps you could provide some sort of passive reward based on the amount of cash you've spent rerolling? Maybe a gacha system? A certain number of rerolls buys you a ticket to spend on rolling and earning a random minion. Or some other reward, such as the amount of cash you spent on rerolls X2.

These tickets could be another item that appears in the overworld on missions. Perhaps when you complete levels, too? The prospect of guaranteed minions and cash means people will have fewer burdens on their cash flow.

Have you considered adding resistances? Possibly certain minions could be resistant or immune to different kinds of attacks which will have a major effect on your strategy. So the bone minions could shrug off damage from archers while being weak against knights and neutral to wizards. 

A similar deal for the mushrooms, being resistant to physical damage from swords but neutral to arrows and weak to wizard magic.

Another idea I had was “equips” where you have items that remain with you and can be given to a minion. Like a flag that makes the person holding it run faster and is dropped when they go down. So people pick up the flag and get their speed boost. 

In reference to the other person's comment about upgrading minions or them providing bonuses for you having a lot of them. You could have a camp of some sort for each minion type that provides this bonus.

So a kennel or encampment for the dog types, and some sort of pit that the demons live in. A crypt for the undead.

These could be upgraded to provide progressively better bonuses and enhancements to units of their types as you invest more into them. You could also create a unity camp, where it provides a series of bonuses for a multitude of types. Rewarding you for having a varied crew. 

Synergies, I mean. Like if you have mushrooms on your team, your undead will grow mushrooms on their bodies and become resistant to blunt attacks, removing their weakness. 

Thanks for making this game. I enjoy it. I saw it on a youtube video that you posted in the comments of.

Will this include "stacking" enemy encounters? For example, you have a bunch of zombies standing there. If they all bumped into the player character, could you have a situation where the bad guys will all have combat happen on the same battle screen, with each fight taking place after another without leaving combat?

In MV and typical MZ, you'd fight a battle, leave a battle for maybe a second or two and then instantly be in an encounter again.

Does your plugin do anything about that?

Oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I'm not especially good at mapping so I just end up never buying tilesets if they don't include the sample maps. 

Having those example maps that I can copy and work from to know what's possible with the tileset makes it easy to do what I want from there. 

Thank you for this. I eagerly look forward to the sale now and all of your future releases.

When the sale happens, will the other tilesets also include their sample maps?

You get points for originality. Very few people are making their own generator parts for their own bases. Usually the people doing it do so for tall sprites.

Is there a chance of you releasing MV style generator clothing with SV parts? There's a handful of pieces I've wanted for years.

Thank you. Very much.

It automatically makes any tileset so much more attractive. Especially if the creator takes care of setting the density of tiles and all that stuff. 

I can guarantee this will get you sales since for some reason it's a rare thing for people who sell tilesets to do this.

Not everyone is especially creatively gifted with building maps and so having a tileset that already has maps built for it gives you some ideas. It makes it easier for you to create your own maps.

Oh, I didn't mean a free project. I meant one for people who pay. So that you can have the same maps from the screenshots.

Any plans to release a sample project that includes some example maps made with your tileset?

Nice. You got a paypal? I can send you the money for your new female packs and you'd get to keep all of it without itch getting a cut.

I'll be watching for a female pack. I don't care about male characters that much.

Alright, cool. I'm always down to buy more face parts. Eyes, mouths, eyebrows, all that good stuff. Especially if they're new and different. I'm eager to see what you come up with.

Try making original parts instead. Have you considered doing kid parts? It's an untapped market as there's only like 2 official DLCs for child characters.

There's also a market for face parts that let you create characters of different ethnic groups.

I'm especially interested if you can create parts of the same style and quality as these ones.

If you're any good at TV parts and SV battlers, you could make a lot of money creating animals too. They basically don't exist as paid or free assets.

What are your plans for future packs?

I want to have a scenario in my game where the player has the potential to encounter 30 different rooms but will only see 10 during gameplay, so each playthrough is different. It's a dungeon crawler and the randomness of your plugin is perfect for it. Is there a way to pass them on to the final room after they've seen a certain number of them? Or to always have room 10 or 11 be the boss room?

Does this plugin have a feature to make it so that you can have rooms only appear once? I'd like to have the dungeon rooms gradually wind down after process of elimination after someone gets the treasure in the room or clears the monster. In the example, you switch the maps up after the player reaches the oasis. Is there a way to disable maps as the player enters/leaves them?

As far as new plugins go, I'd love one that makes it so that instead of having a game over when all party members are defeated, new members from the reserve party are switched in. And also, a configurable option that allows dead party members to be switched out with living ones if they've been KOed for a certain number of turns.  And a feature that revives defeated party members after they've been switched out for a while.

Thank you. I look forward to anything else you come up with. Do you take suggestions?

Does your sample project work on MV? That's the engine I'm using.

I'm very interested in this plugin. Will you make a sample project for it that has multiple maps and explains how to use it?

I'm curious about the predetermined locations, such as shops and bosses.

Having all of them would be a blessing that would fill me with joy. I'd love to have battlers too. 

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Do you have plans to release a sample project with your map assets?

I'd love to have some prebuilt structures/houses/dungeons in each of these. The screen shot maps are pretty cool and I want them.

Like if you had a bundle deal where you're selling all of your map assets and it had a sample project where you had prebuilt maps for all of the various packs, I'd immediately buy it.

And if you had 10 example maps for each pack then I'd start salivating.

I'm interested in some ancient Roman clothing, like these kinds of outfits.

Any of these would do it for me since no one is making these kinds of generator parts. 

Are there any plans to include a sample project with premade maps?

Do you have any plans to make sprites for the RPG maker MV/MZ style?

What are your future plans for generator parts? Do you take suggestions?

No, thank you! You have some absolutely beautiful hooded Asian eyes in this pack and I knew right then I needed to buy it.

For another suggestion, something I'd really love is some generator parts in the same style as this artist.

I especially love the noses and the altered face that has blushing. It's rare to find smaller noses in generator parts and even rarer to find Asian eyes. I LOVE this style a lot, so if you're down to emulate this for some of your own pieces then I'd be down to buy.

I'm really happy you're working on emotional faces now. I'll look forward to these.

Please make more generator parts. I love these so very much. If you make more of these, I'll buy them again. 

I'd like a strong emotion pack if you're taking suggestions. Crying faces, running mascara, angry yelling, sticking tongues out, terrified eyes. 

You've hit a nice niche here where you can convey loads of emotions using just the face generator parts without needing to do any pixel art. Something else helpful is that your parts work just fine with really dark skin tones.

You were careful when designing your parts so there aren't any splotchy bits if you make a very dark skinned character. 

I'm very happy with my purchase and I really hope you make more stuff.

I posted a review of your demo but had no idea the full game even released. 

The marketing is pretty important, but it seems you know that now. 

Good luck on your future games!