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Oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I'm not especially good at mapping so I just end up never buying tilesets if they don't include the sample maps. 

Having those example maps that I can copy and work from to know what's possible with the tileset makes it easy to do what I want from there. 

Thank you for this. I eagerly look forward to the sale now and all of your future releases.

When the sale happens, will the other tilesets also include their sample maps?

You get points for originality. Very few people are making their own generator parts for their own bases. Usually the people doing it do so for tall sprites.

Is there a chance of you releasing MV style generator clothing with SV parts? There's a handful of pieces I've wanted for years.

Thank you. Very much.

It automatically makes any tileset so much more attractive. Especially if the creator takes care of setting the density of tiles and all that stuff. 

I can guarantee this will get you sales since for some reason it's a rare thing for people who sell tilesets to do this.

Not everyone is especially creatively gifted with building maps and so having a tileset that already has maps built for it gives you some ideas. It makes it easier for you to create your own maps.

Oh, I didn't mean a free project. I meant one for people who pay. So that you can have the same maps from the screenshots.

Any plans to release a sample project that includes some example maps made with your tileset?

Nice. You got a paypal? I can send you the money for your new female packs and you'd get to keep all of it without itch getting a cut.

I'll be watching for a female pack. I don't care about male characters that much.

Alright, cool. I'm always down to buy more face parts. Eyes, mouths, eyebrows, all that good stuff. Especially if they're new and different. I'm eager to see what you come up with.

Try making original parts instead. Have you considered doing kid parts? It's an untapped market as there's only like 2 official DLCs for child characters.

There's also a market for face parts that let you create characters of different ethnic groups.

I'm especially interested if you can create parts of the same style and quality as these ones.

If you're any good at TV parts and SV battlers, you could make a lot of money creating animals too. They basically don't exist as paid or free assets.

What are your plans for future packs?

I want to have a scenario in my game where the player has the potential to encounter 30 different rooms but will only see 10 during gameplay, so each playthrough is different. It's a dungeon crawler and the randomness of your plugin is perfect for it. Is there a way to pass them on to the final room after they've seen a certain number of them? Or to always have room 10 or 11 be the boss room?

Does this plugin have a feature to make it so that you can have rooms only appear once? I'd like to have the dungeon rooms gradually wind down after process of elimination after someone gets the treasure in the room or clears the monster. In the example, you switch the maps up after the player reaches the oasis. Is there a way to disable maps as the player enters/leaves them?

As far as new plugins go, I'd love one that makes it so that instead of having a game over when all party members are defeated, new members from the reserve party are switched in. And also, a configurable option that allows dead party members to be switched out with living ones if they've been KOed for a certain number of turns.  And a feature that revives defeated party members after they've been switched out for a while.

Thank you. I look forward to anything else you come up with. Do you take suggestions?

Does your sample project work on MV? That's the engine I'm using.

I'm very interested in this plugin. Will you make a sample project for it that has multiple maps and explains how to use it?

I'm curious about the predetermined locations, such as shops and bosses.

Having all of them would be a blessing that would fill me with joy. I'd love to have battlers too. 

(1 edit)

Do you have plans to release a sample project with your map assets?

I'd love to have some prebuilt structures/houses/dungeons in each of these. The screen shot maps are pretty cool and I want them.

Like if you had a bundle deal where you're selling all of your map assets and it had a sample project where you had prebuilt maps for all of the various packs, I'd immediately buy it.

And if you had 10 example maps for each pack then I'd start salivating.

I'm interested in some ancient Roman clothing, like these kinds of outfits.

Any of these would do it for me since no one is making these kinds of generator parts. 

Are there any plans to include a sample project with premade maps?

Do you have any plans to make sprites for the RPG maker MV/MZ style?

What are your future plans for generator parts? Do you take suggestions?

No, thank you! You have some absolutely beautiful hooded Asian eyes in this pack and I knew right then I needed to buy it.

For another suggestion, something I'd really love is some generator parts in the same style as this artist.

I especially love the noses and the altered face that has blushing. It's rare to find smaller noses in generator parts and even rarer to find Asian eyes. I LOVE this style a lot, so if you're down to emulate this for some of your own pieces then I'd be down to buy.

I'm really happy you're working on emotional faces now. I'll look forward to these.

Please make more generator parts. I love these so very much. If you make more of these, I'll buy them again. 

I'd like a strong emotion pack if you're taking suggestions. Crying faces, running mascara, angry yelling, sticking tongues out, terrified eyes. 

You've hit a nice niche here where you can convey loads of emotions using just the face generator parts without needing to do any pixel art. Something else helpful is that your parts work just fine with really dark skin tones.

You were careful when designing your parts so there aren't any splotchy bits if you make a very dark skinned character. 

I'm very happy with my purchase and I really hope you make more stuff.

I posted a review of your demo but had no idea the full game even released. 

The marketing is pretty important, but it seems you know that now. 

Good luck on your future games!

5 stars. This one will win this contest.

Thank you! I've used it. I'll give you a review after playing.

You're welcome! 

Yes, I noticed that all of the bonuses you select after beating the game can only be accessed after you reach Asura city. In which case there's only 6 more fights left in the entire game + whatever extra devils you've yet to defeat. So early bonuses that help before you reach Asura city would help a lot.  Even something like the upgraded ring shop being accessible in one of the villages would be a big help.

Optionally, you could add some bonus fights before the player faces the Asura King's men. There could be an event where you hunt new borns just like what happened to you at the start of the game. Or maybe some extra hunters that aren't required to progress? Just some guys who are standing around and you only need 8 wins to reach the city. Besides the new enemies, which you'd need multiple playthroughs to fight, you don't get many opportunities to use all the new equipment, spells and weapons you've gotten. So basically once you get strong in this game, it ends.

I'd say you should show a lot of changes on the second playthrough so that the player really feels a difference. That's where most people will either quit or keep playing. When you start a new game +, you don't get to keep anything and it feels daunting to try again, starting from nothing. 

Perhaps you could allow the player to select a unique special power when they start their second play through? It takes some of the sting out of going from beating the Asura king to being a weakling again. All the other hunters have unique abilities and the player is the only one who doesn't. It would make sense if you could do something special like everyone else.


Asura Valley is a pretty good game with a lot of positive traits. The positives outweigh the negatives.  I'll speak more about the negatives as there's room for improvement, but you actually have a very solid game here. I'm not saying it's bad.

First, the positives:

It's unique. It's challenging. The upgrade system is different from any other RPG maker game. The battles do require a degree of strategy. The New Game Plus system provides excellent replayability. The limited upgrade slots makes you have to decide carefully which of your new abilities you'll keep and which ones you'll pass up. It's easily one of the most difficult RPG maker games I've played without feeling impossible. There are a variety of combos that will allow you to become incredibly strong.

Now the negatives:

The game is weak in the mapping and environments. There are few locations and there's nothing particularly interesting or special about them. There are many closed doors and empty buildings so the world seems lifeless.

It's predictable. After the first playthrough, things remained mostly the same. There was one new hunter, a hunter asked for a healing item before you fought her, and there was a new boss devil around. Perhaps this is different in the full release, but it was mostly more of the same.

There's no special encounters or events. The game takes place in a world where people are constantly killing each other, yet you only see this in the first area. There's nobody who will jump out of the bushes at you or target you after you just finish killing another hunter. Your character encounters three new borns and one of them attacks him, but he can't kill the other two characters, who are NPCs. There's a variety of hunters at the start, but your character is forced to decide to just run away. You can't help or harm anyone. Overall the game feels very linear with there being very few if any choices the player can make besides combat stuff.

Many of the hunters have the same appearance. Once again, perhaps you'll change this in the full version. But the identical enemies detract from the experience. You kill the same white haired, sunglasses soldiers many times when you confront the Asura King.  It would be nice if everyone had a unique appearance.

The translation could use some work in a few areas. It's still good for someone whose first language isn't english.

There's very little characterization. We don't know anything about the characters. Besides threatening you, we never learn much about the Asura king. Or any of his men. Or any of your party. Your teammates in the bar speak once in the whole game.  It would be fantastic if there were more opportunities to learn who your friends are and what your main character wants. Or what his hobbies are or what he even likes.

Actually I believe that's the area where this game can shine the most. It would be a stressful and terrifying experience to have people hunt you for parts and your unique powers. To see people die in front of you like cattle. To have to actually kill other people to survive.  Your character doesn't show any real reaction to the events that happen, which is a shame. There's a great possibility for an amazing horror and friendship game inside of this battle game and all it would take is a little bit of extra dialogue, a new party member or two who joins you in the early game and a few menacing hunters chasing you.

There are too few powers. I mentioned this before, but it's become even more apparent after being the game three or four times. It only makes sense to upgrade the main character and your second character. The other guys only get creeds. There's no reason to split your powers up and there are too few to share with all your teammates, who don't join with any.

Perhaps the lack of powers will change in the full version, as it apparently adds a new hunter for each time you play through it. Eventually you'll have enough powers for everyone, but it'll take quite a while and for many games your allies will be only really good for casting magic.

A quick word on the Devil boss. Why does he drop a power that increases your attributes when your character is alone? He was capable of dealing hundreds of damage with his shot gun. I only killed him when I had a party. That ability was completely useless at that point. Unless it's a random technique he drops, and I got unlucky? 

The option at the end of the game to "give a bonus" is also useless. An extra 1000 gold for winning the tournament doesn't do anything for you, because at that point you'll just sell your parts for cash. The parts sell for a lot and you can just use the doctor if you want to heal again. The enemies in the tower will drop parts which enable you to have the money to always afford treatment. 

The game is actually really short. It's probably possible to beat it in less than an hour.

So while it's got areas it could be better in, the cyborg experience is unique enough and good enough to be the main selling point. Your game will do well on Steam.

Congrats on your release! Hope you get lots of sales!!!

Hey, it works! Except there's a bug. If you complete the game a second time on new game plus, it won't let you do new game plus when you win.

Looks like I have a bug here. My only options are load, save and delete. New Game+ doesn't appear. I even deleted all of my saves except for the final save. None of the saves had a + option.

I saved the game after completing it. When I load the ending save, it just takes me back to the main menu. Am I supposed to start a new game from there?

Hi, I completed the game and got the ending cutscene. A dead newborn was shown turning into a zombie and then it let me save my game. 

How do I access new game +? Starting a new game seems to do nothing different.

If you're looking for beta testers, I'd be happy to help out! So excited for the new version. This game is truly special.

Wonderful news! Something else is that Yanfly has a word wrap plugin you can use. Some of the message boxes in the game were cut off and his plugin would prevent that from happening. One of the guns and the Asura town weapon shop weren't translated either.

I'm super happy this is getting worked on still and expanded.

This is a fantastic game. It was rushed of course for the gamejam, I assume, but it's great for what it is. The issue most players will have is that some techniques you earn are simply BETTER than others, so you have to choose the right ones to get the most out of it.

The game has a great concept of a kill or be killed world of cyborgs. The game unfortunately does little to explain what's going on or even what an "Asura" or a "New Born" is. But we can assume that in this world, humans are mechanical beings that appear from...somewhere, as adults, and are forced to fight and survive in a world ruled by the enigmatic Asura King, who controls Asura Town with his legion of soldiers.

Your character is a New Born, freshly arrived in this world when he happens upon a murder scene. The killer then attacks your character and is killed in retaliation, and you gain abilities and equipment. In this world, Asura cannot heal naturally. You must kill another person and take their parts and abilities in order to recover health or magic points. As any Asura can drop parts or a special ability, even a weak newborn one, the weakest members of society are hunted for their valuable body parts by stronger ones.

You then become a hunter and face off against other Asura in duels to obtain their weapons and abilities. Eventually after killing every hunter you come across, you're forced into a team death match for the amusement of the Asura king. You're then given your first party member and must fight a series of 2 on 3 battles. Eventually, you prevail and are allowed to live in Asura city. You meet up with two new party members and decide to storm the Asura king's base and take him down.

You fight a series of bosses and eventually meet he Asura king, who challenges you to a fairly difficult battle. Eventually you win and become the new Asura king.

If this game was more expanded, it would be perfect to have a good and evil route.

It was a missed opportunity that you couldn't band together with other newborns and protect them from the hunters. It's very late in the game that you even get one party member. Having someone with you from the start could be a very powerful emotional experience. In the same vein, it's a shame that you can't hunt anyone who isn't interested in fighting you to increase your own power.

The explanations and story could serve to be expanded. This world is really interesting and I'm curious about it. Is this the after life? Is there some kind of God who puts people in this world so they fight for its amusement? If everyone is a cyborg/robot, who is building them? Are your enemies all violent sociopaths and you're one of the only non criminally insane people around? Do people have babies here? Are there children, or do they get killed immediately upon entering this world?

All of your fights except the first one, the one in the cemetery and the battle royal are duels that you asked for. The hunters don't do any hunting. It would be great if you came across more people being killed or if you had to HIDE from groups that go patrolling after people during your escape. Maybe you could even use other New Borns as diversions while you're running away.

There's an amazing story here in this game of people being desperate to do anything to survive and the player being either a loner or a gang leader to try and create some form of order. Realistically, one of the best strategies would be to band together and jump everyone you encounter, 6 on 1. Or wait for fights to end and then kill the winner and take everything. It would be nice if this kind of stuff was in the game. Or if there were enemies/the player that were capable of killing 6 attackers at the same time.

It would have been nice if all of your party members came with abilities. In order to even be in the city, they must have gone through just what you did. Why is it your responsibility to equip them with gear, spells and powers?

You don't have nearly enough at the end for everyone and you never earn anymore, even though you kill groups of 5 cyborgs for all of the final battles. Why did you stop taking people apart for their parts and gear? That mechanic was good! It's the best part of this game.

The monsters are out of place and not needed. You don't need to kill any chickens or hornets and the game would have been better if you just got ambushed by Asura enemies. The parts you'd get from a weak enemy would be more useful than EXP, which doesn't help much. Levels aren't nearly as important as having healing items and new powers. If you were going to add animals, it would be pretty cool for them to be machines too, and team up with enemy Asura, or possibly the player.

The game's ending was incredibly anti climactic. At the very least we should have gotten a cut scene. It just takes you to a game over screen as if you had died. It takes some of the shine out of having become the strongest beings on the planet.

Would have been nice if there was more treasure around. If you don't want to use chests, maybe you can find hiding, injured Asura that you can either kill for parts or recruit after you heal them.

In conclusion, this is a fun and entertaining game. The only parts I got stuck on were the guy who drops the wind book, which I then immediately used for most of the game with a sword, and the battle royal on the far left side. Those three were really tough, but eventually I won. The final bosses were easily dealt with by using magic spam and having the main character play defense. The item to reduce the boss' armor was a nice touch.

I hope this game is expanded. It's truly unique for an RPG maker game and it does something that very few RPGs do: provide a fun and engaging combat experience and narrative.