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if it was a playstation exclusive then their sales would be a fraction of what they are now


Tbh, among us should move to other platforms, especially switch. That would be amazing.


Why Bro Playstaion Is Best F@%king nitendo portable shit


its a 2d game so it should be portable also pc is best you retard


fuck off


PC is best. I have the best games on my Nintendo Switch and (especially) my PC. Never wanted a game exclusive to a PS system in my life.


Yes Bro Thats Your Opinion Everyone Has AnOpinion Not to offend you I just Wrote My Opinion 

but you are shoving your opinion in our faces and you told that guy to fuck off, so you are doing everything except not being offensive...

yeah, but being a PS exclusive would make it much less popular, so it would be fine as long as it's not used as an exclusive.