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gotta download it from your browser

Try auto-updates on Steam.

Try vote kicking.

Why can't you just do this?

Why do you have to do the code box, like this one?

Just find a good strat. I can't really say more because my brain doesn't want to think at the moment.


No lo quitarán. De todos modos, ¿qué obtendrían al quitarlo? Original: They won't remove it. What would they get out of removing it, anyways?

Probably going to happen. You literally just need to rebuild the game for MacBooks and publish it.

Actually, yes. That's a great idea.

This exact post said it was being CANCELLED.

...except it sucks and you're a child.

Probably a good idea to make sure you like deception games.

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Go read 90% of the replies to comments similar to your reply, will ya?

I don't exactly know how to do it without Steam. If you do have Steam just navigate to the downloads menu and add Among Us to the queue.

And learn Game Theory.

PC isn't mobile. It doesn't just transfer automatically like that.

The official Discord's currently your best shot.

Might have to contact someone at Innersloth for that one. (source:

PC is best. I have the best games on my Nintendo Switch and (especially) my PC. Never wanted a game exclusive to a PS system in my life.

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Or this:

Just make sure to map custom keyboard controls.

The best I can recommend to you for the moment is a Windows VM.

@Millymilo000 sounds right. If your internet is crap you'll get that error. I've actually experienced it myself in one of those minor power outages that make the lights flicker a bit. Turns out my PC has a nice amount of capacitance or something and my router does not.

Might want to make an exception for Among Us in your anti-virus's internet thingie.

Nah. that won't work for that kind of error.

Mobile games are usually free and the devs need to keep the lights on.

Might want to get a new screen (or an entirely new phone) for that one.

Also make sure the resolution slider is maxed and VSync is on.

I bought it directly from Steam so I'm not sure how the key's supposed to be delivered but try checking your spam folder in your emailing service. Usually works. forgot and I have plenty of fun just playing with some randos.

Nope. Except a major addiction to the game (in a good way).

Not sure what "drm" means. I'm just going to assume "drm" means "game"; it's free on everything but PC.

No. They didn't get the pets free, either. They (the person) probably just did something illegal and ended up getting a virus  in the process to get them (the pet(s)). Or they (person again) could have paid for them and faked getting them (pets) free.

25.4 hours and counting; Absolutely.

1: You buy pets. 2: You'd be crazy not to trust Steam. It's literally THE digital game store.

It's a Steam game key. You... redeem it in Steam.

other people said to allow it in windows defender by:

  1. opening windows defender
  2.  clicking on virus and threat protection
  3.  clicking on threat history
  4.  clicking on the thing in system 32 and pressing allow

I examined the failure (pops up in the itch app when baldi is run) and this crazy text popped up, I can't show it because it's too long.

i'm using windows 10 and same thing happened, but no.


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a virus literally affected ONLY baldi games: Original, hacking and cheating and some crazy mod that only changes images (seriously). also just checked my virus discovered 1 day after the first (today) and BOOM! affecting more baldi! and the same file did it! how?!